Yoast SEO for WordPress


The Search Engine optimization is a basic prerequisite for websites today in order to be well positioned in the long term and to be found via search engines. The majority of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) measures is pure diligence. Starting with the proper alignment of page titles and headlines to the creation of an XML sitemap, there are a few things to keep in mind when playing front.

SEO plugins for WordPress

WordPress is probably the most widely used content management system - at least in the blogger world, that is probably out of the question. The good orientation of the CMS on search engines shows that this fact is not unfounded. Through numerous plugins, WordPress can be adapted and optimized without the admin himself having to intervene in the source code of the website. Especially for the field of search engine optimization, there are also some plugins that have gained a lot of prominence in the scene.

SEO by Yoast

One of these SEO Wordpress plugins is "SEO by Yoast". This is one of the most comprehensive plugins for optimizing your own website and, in principle, covers all relevant areas of so-called on-page optimization. This plugin is actually completely out of competition, because unlike many other plugins it can be downloaded for free. It should therefore be worth a test to anyone interested.

Another fact is that Yoast has grown within a short time to one of the most popular WordPress plugins and now has over 10 millions downloads. Yoast is equipped with a very extensive language pack. In addition to the English and German language versions, more than 35 additional languages ​​can be selected. Maybe that's one of the reasons why this SEO plugin is so popular.

What can the plugin do?

The plugin has, as announced, a lot of features and features. Some features include content analysis and optimization, Google Search Console verification, automated page title and meta tag creation, social media targeting like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, as well as automated generation of an XML sitemap. In the latest version, the plugin also takes into account relevant Schema.org formatting and the creation of breadcrumbs.


The automated creation of page titles and meta tags such as the description of the page is based on a template that can be specified by the user and adapted as desired. In order to optimize the website, it is important that relevant keywords in the page title are as far ahead as possible - this should be taken into account when creating such a template. Since generating a Sitemap in WordPress is not done by default, this feature should definitely be used. By providing a sitemap, the Google-Bot is able to crawl the site faster and quickly add new content to the index. It is important to know that the sitemap has no direct influence on the ranking of the website. In order to make it easier for the Google-Bot to make the way to the subpages, it is definitely recommended.

New content can also be sent directly to the search engines. For this purpose, corresponding services are pinged - this measure also takes over the plugin and takes into account the best known German and international search engines.

Many more features are waiting for interested WordPress users. One chance has definitely earned this wonderful and free plugin. Test it out!

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