Who should create an online course?

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Nowadays, more and more people are thinking about creating and selling their own online courses. They have realized that they can achieve multiple goals with an online course.

What you need to know before you start creating an online course

Anyone who can teach and explain, or who wants to learn, can create an online course. Today you do not need so much equipment that you do not already have. So you need a camera next to a computer. But you can take the camera, which is already installed in the smartphone. Because of the quality it often surpasses small, inexpensive video cameras. This is exactly how it is with a camera. Of course it is always better but the possibilities offered by your smartphone are completely sufficient for the beginning.
If you do not have lightboxes, you should definitely invest in them. Because the camera can still be so good - without light, the photo or video recordings will not look professional.

After all, you also need a website. Because from any location on the Internet you have to sell your product, so your online course. Here it is absolutely necessary that you in your own Domain and invest web hosting. Nothing looks less professional than using a subdomain of a large website. What impression does your customer get from you if you are not prepared to spend 20 EUR a year on domain and Hosting to invest? Anyway, he does not believe that you are behind your product and therefore most likely unwilling to invest in your product.

Once your website is online, you should fill it with content. Because a website with many visitors and buyers can be obtained through good, unique content (content marketing). This approach and in-depth knowledge of your topic will help you to build your own brand and become known.

It is important that you focus on just one topic that you enjoy. Those who reluctantly create their course also demonstrate this unconsciously in their teaching material.

The most important prerequisites for the creation of an online course

1. Find the right topic for the online course
You do not have to invest a lot of time to find the right topic. It should definitely be an issue that interests and fun you as well. You can only do something good, which one likes to do.
2. Enter your desired topic on Google. So you can quickly see which topics already exist. A search term analysis also shows what is being searched for. In order to prevail against existing websites, you have to be faster, better and friendlier - and possibly have a longer breath.
3. Search engines are not the only source available to you Traffic brings. In customer discussions one can find out, which problems should be solved.

electronic-learningTest the market

Once you've found your niche and have the knowledge and skills to teach and solve problems, then you're ready to go.
Before you try to create a perfect course, you can first test the market. Start with three to five lessons on your topic. These are done quickly. You can still work on the quality later. First of all, find out how the topic and the offer are perceived by the target group. Get feedback from family and friends and ask for points of criticism. Improvement is always possible. Only those who do not even start can show nothing.
Now that the first hurdle has been overcome, you can expand and expand the content. This creates a complete course.

e-learning-frau-am-notebookStart small - get big

Start with a small online course. You do not have to tackle the entire topic of the course in a several-hour course. In the beginning, short videos are enough. This will give you a feeling for creating your course. It is recommended that you first create a small course that is offered free of charge. With it you can convince your participants of themselves. The participants will get to know you, appreciate you and be enthusiastic about them. And if something does not go so well, you can hope for feedback from your participants and improve the course.

Set online courses on different platforms

Of course, your online courses must first be offered on your own website. To make them more popular and attract more participants, you can market the courses on Udemy, Lecturio, Groupon and other e-learning platforms.


Creating an online course is neither easy nor "just" done. Rather, he has to be well planned in order to achieve a good result. If you are aware of the hurdles that await you, none is insurmountable. You just have to know them. In addition, trying is about studying. You can still improve later.


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