What extras can I expect during webhosting?


Web hosts offer their customers several basic packages EXTRAS which they can optionally use. There are only millions of websites with different topics in Germany. Almost all of these sites are at a web host for domains. The reason for this is that the registration of an Internet address with the help of a Domain Hosting Agency is much faster and less stressful than if you do it yourself. What extras do I get as a customer besides registering the domain to a basic package from the hosting agency?

What do these extras cost in addition?

The cost of a registration is only marginally higher than if you tackle it yourself. Many customers are already satisfied with the registration of the web address, because they do not really know what the web hosting provider for his domain hosting has other extras to offer. Not infrequently, you are dealing with various problems that can be solved very quickly by the agency's service. What services does a customer expect from his web hosting provider?

Services of webhosters are:

1. Among the most important tasks of the domain hosting provider is registering the domains for their customers to register.
2. Next is the domain check and, of course, the link of the fully registered domain with webspace, if already exists.
3. Rental of storage space in the context of domain hosting offer. Reputable hosting agencies offer customers packages ranging from tiny storage spaces for a small budget to the most powerful enterprise server. Everything a webmaster desires he gets.
4. Web hosts also take care of when needed to install a blog system,
5. You drag the customer website from the previous server to your own server
6. If required, you can provide an SSL certificate for secure data transmission, for example in an online shop.
7. The professional for domain hosting offers much more, such as programs that help create a website in just a few steps
8. For an online shop or a forum additional can get for a small fee databases.
9. Also additional memory storage can be rented as an extra.
10. Special licenses for server operating systems are also available in the standard repertoire of web hosts.

Extras for web hosting basic package can look like this:

EXTRAS Quantity Price / month
MySQL Database 1 2,50 EUR
cronjob 1 1,00 EUR
FTP users 1 1,50 EUR
memory 1 GB 1,00 EUR
POP3 / IMAP email addresses 5 2,50 EUR
Traffic 1 GB 1,00 EUR

These prices are inclusive of legal VAT calculated by 19% and are similar for many providers. But there are also web hosts that offer various extras free of charge, such as the e-mail addresses.


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