What content is the right content for the website?

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Content is the A & O of every website. High-quality content is still one of the most important keys for many visitors and for a good ranking in the search engines - and there is nothing to suggest that this will change in the next few years.
It does not matter if it's about texts, videos or audio files. It is only important that the contents are useful for the reader and inform about the topic.
But now the question arises: what content is the right content for your website? Do you prefer to put on videos, blog articles or even on a podcast?

Content is still king

"Content is King" is still a good saying that actually says everything about what the Internet is about and is as old as the Search Engine optimization itself. In the year 1996, Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder, has just made this spell a topic. His vision of making money on the internet has shown that it's primarily about publishing content, whether a website generates revenue or not.
Today, so many years later, it still counts if and how much good content is published. But since there are so many contents on the Internet, much more emphasis is placed on high-quality texts. Already, in order to be long in the upper ranks of Google, it is important to offer only high-quality and above all informative content, which are thoroughly researched.

What are actually "correct content" for a website?

With high quality content you can certainly reach a part of its readers directly. The majority of readers or future customers are proven to be on the search engines. Because we all go to the Internet to inform ourselves and to find certain information.
As everyone knows, Google is a machine that analyzes the content of web pages with a variety of evaluation criteria. This means that your own content must address the reader. Only if the reader is well informed and the article in the social networks also rated accordingly (for example, a "Like" on Facebook), the article ranks well in the search engines, because Google with the "Like" gets the signal that the Article is useful and has helped the reader.

Features of high quality content

Realizing that you need to create content that pleases both the reader and the search engine, you can divide the criteria for the right content into two areas:

1. Unique content

Content must be unique. Who simply takes over the contents of other websites, which is simply not perceived.

2. Current articles

Content should either be "evergreen", which means that it will still be valid in years, or else be up-to-date. Because current articles have the advantage that the search engines take them up faster and also bring more visitors. After all, people want to find out about current events. Therefore, it is a good idea to provide up-to-date texts and texts that have a perpetual validity. The current topics will help you to win new newsletters.

3. Onpage

The onpage optimization was and still is a very topical topic. The density of Keywords, internal links of texts and anchor texts should be considered but not exaggerated. So you help the search engines to classify your texts correctly and to send you the right visitors.

4. Quality of the texts

Good texts are fluently readable and of course free of spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. Of course, nobody can absolve themselves of making a mistake. But it is important that you review your texts. With that you rank better in the search engines.

5. Structure of the texts

Paragraphs, lists, bulleted lists, highlighting, H1, H2 headings, and so on, as well as subheadings, provide better readability. A proper structure ensures that the reader has a pleasant and clear picture in mind.
This is also an evaluation criterion for the search engines.

6. number of words

The number of words is still important. Too short content can quickly give too little information. With very short texts, the search engines can do nothing, because they have too little text to evaluate. But you should always make sure that the content and the number of words fit the topic and also the target audience.

7. Interests of the selected target group

The content must first and foremost meet the interests of the readers. It decides in a few seconds, whether the visitor to the reader and thus eventually become a customer.

8. Expectations of the customers

Every customer has a concern when it hits a website. Most of the time, customers have a question or problem they want solved, depending on what the issue is. But you can also just search for entertainment. It always depends on the audience and expectations of what content you should provide. At the end of the article, the reader should benefit.

10. The writing style

Unconsciously, every reader will notice the writing style of the author. A good style is often the crucial difference between the different websites with the same information.


The correct content of a website is determined by optimal texts, suitable for the target group of the website.


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