Where can I sell a domain?


Where can you sell a domain as a user?

If you as a user a lucrative Domain or a lucrative domain name, you can certainly consider selling them. Of course, you should be informed in advance exactly what the domain has a value and possibly also simultaneously looking for different interested parties, if these are not even already approached by yourself. In the second case, this is even better, as you can already estimate approximately at various offers, where to go in about the price. However, if one believes that the price will increase in the next few years, one should for the time being refrain from selling. Although there is a risk that can happen exactly the opposite. Nevertheless, this is usually the better decision. So it came in recent years more often to large sums that Domains of individuals have recorded. A typical example here are domain names of stars that have only become known over the years. Here, of course, the value increases enormously and can certainly rise much higher. A simple but very common example.

piggy bankWhat should one pay attention to?

When selling you should make sure that you meet the right target group. Not everyone is interested in a particular domain name. Here it is very specific to address the individual persons or target groups. Of course it is also possible to offer the domain on large platforms to all people. Again, of course, a good price can be achieved. However, a direct request from a customer or to a prospective buyer usually entails a higher amount. Therefore, this option should be used first before starting a public offer. Also with the public offer one should orientate oneself at the price frame, which the Domain can show.

At which price range can one orientate oneself?

Each domain has its own value. At this one should orient oneself directly. The value of a Homepage or the domain, can be estimated on the Internet on numerous pages. Here it is recommended to try out several providers and to form the mean of all together. Then you get a very realistic result. With this result you can then try his luck on the market. But note that people are willing to pay more for a page if they are in their interests. Therefore, you should first have a price suggested before you call his own. This keeps you flexible when selling and has a better basis for negotiation.

sedo-domains sell-Conclusion for the sale of a domain

Domains can reach very different value ranges. Therefore, it makes sense to find out in advance how high the value is. One should try during sales to find direct prospects who have a personal connection to the domain, such as their own name. So the domain gets an additional meaning for this person and increases thereby of course the value. If there are no interested parties, you can then make the domain available on large platforms for all people as an offer.


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