What is a KK application?

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Provider change and KK form - you have to know.

Anyone who runs a website needs one Domain, The domain is the Internet address, but also the place where the website can be stored and edited. If you want to change now, so must one KK form put. What this is and what you have to consider here, you can learn below.

domainSo the provider change takes place

Basically, a domain is deposited with a provider of his choice. For the use of the domain and depending on the service, even for the Traffic or a Web construction kit, you have to pay fees. If you no longer agree with your provider or you want to change for cost reasons, for example, then this is possible at any time. But in order to change, you have to call a so-called KK form put. The KK stands for connectivity coordination.

connectivity coordination-kkBecause you get application from its provider, you have to fill in and return. With the application you start the switch from the provider. The application will be filed after filing with the relevant Domains Authority. With a DE domain it is for example the DeNIC, Other domain endings are other companies. Through the application, the government agency rewrites the domain to the new provider. Usually such a description takes only a few hours. With the execution of the description by the government agency, one can use his domain over the new Provider again. You do not have to do anything except ask for it, the rest of the steps are taken by the old and new providers, but also by the government office.

KK form ORDERYou have to pay attention to these things

When changing you have to pay attention to two things. First, for the duration of the transcription, the domain is usually not reachable or shows for returning visitors still to the old server up to 48 hours. Also, you have to keep in mind that any stored data, for example, in a Web toolbox not move. This also applies to all attitudes that one has met. So after the move you only have the "naked" homepage again. For this reason, you should also download his data and save it on his computer before applying. After the change you have to upload it again and has its homepage again.