What is a domain name / internet address?


A domain is your personal address on the web

You are planning to build your website, so you want one Domain choose? You do not know exactly what this technical term means? In the following article you will be explained in a short and understandable form what is meant by the term domain / internet address.

The domain - your desired address on the World Wide Web

The domain is the address under which your Internet presence can be reached in the network. She sits down from the part in front of the. and the ending together. As an example at this point www.ihrefirma.de is called. The ending of the Internet address (part after the point) is the essential.

Differences between Top Level Domains and Second Level Domains

The endung.er Internet address, for example, .de or .com is referred to as Top Level Domain. It tells you whether your website is mainly in a specific country (the suffix .de stands for Germany) or your website is being used commercially (.com). If yours Homepage For information purposes, offers the Endung.info. Since the new Top Level Domains are available, you can use the ending, for example "aquaristik", to specify even more precisely which topics you are treating on your website.

digital-thingsAs second level domain, the text before the point is called. If this is not assigned to any user, you may choose this text yourself. For example, you can select the text according to the content of your Internet presence. It may include your company name, your personal name or a topic such as "my aquarium". In combination with the corresponding Top Level Domain, every Internet address in the network is unique. If your desired name is still available, you can find out through a domain check. If your desired domain is already taken, you will see alternative suggestions for selection. The process of assigning domains worldwide is a unique process. The rules are explicitly set by the NIC (awarding authority of the relevant top-level domain).

Benefits and advantages of your personal Internet address

Now that you know what a domain actually is, you can successfully use your Internet address for your web project. First, think about a meaningful domain name. In addition, visitors to your Internet presence should be able to easily remember this. It is optimal, if your Internet address already states, which contents are to be found on your homepage. Your own domain is mandatory for business use: it stands for trustworthiness and professionalism.

A domain is also part of your e-mail address

Not only if you use your website for business, your domain is also an integral part of your e-mail address. Since a domain matching your Internet presence is always more professional and serious than a domino of a third-party provider, you should take this fact into consideration when choosing your e-mail address. Most web hosting offers already include one or more e-mail addresses with the name of the provider in the tariff.

Change a registered domain name

You have already registered a domain some time ago and want to replace it with a more meaningful one? In this case, a so-called domain transfer is recommended. Sell ​​your old domain and then register your new domain.


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