Web.de: freemail, app and important facts

Web.de is one of the pioneers in the field of email addresses. When the German Internet portal was founded in the year 1995, the project started as an editorially maintained web directory. Only in the course of time services in the communication and so also the web de email were added. In the year 2005, web.de ranked 2 behind T-Online as the industry leader in terms of reach-second-strongest web directory.

The history of web.de

In 1995 the internet portal started with 2.500 editorial entries. Web.de belongs to 1 & 1 Mail & Media GmbH. In 2010, the name of the then Web.de GmbH company changed its name to 1 & 1 Mail & Media GmbH. The business model is based on digital services and online advertising, which includes, for example, the web de club. At the same time, web.de freemail is active in 60 countries and also the membership in the communication portal web.de Club has spread beyond the borders of the country. Among the best known products are the free web.de mailbox, which is available to all web.de freemail users. Also to the offerer belongs the email service gmx.de, with which the email dispatch and the post office box are likewise free of charge. But: Anyone who wants to log in to web de and use more services is on the wrong path with the free web.de mailbox. Because many services are not available through the free offer of web de Email, which requires a web de club membership to be completed. And here it comes to the problem, if you would like to terminate your membership in the web de club.

aboWeb.de subscription: cancel criticism of the web de club

When the club was launched, new customer advertising started with a three-month free trial subscription. However, it was unclear to members that the trial membership would merge seamlessly into a paid subscription and there was virtually no real chance to terminate the club membership. Anyone wishing to terminate the web de Club has in many cases experience with the harsh tone of the company and so it came about that the consumer center in 2012 issued a warning against the company for this reason and because of a misleading button solution. Even with a clear legal situation, the customer service takes more often in the tone of conversation, which in turn generated little trust in the customer and has led to the ambivalent image of the company. Those who only focus on web.de freemail and handle their email traffic via the web.de mailbox, will have no problems and can use the free email address individually.

Limited storage space at web.de freemail

For written emails the web.de PO Box is sufficient. However, if you want to send photos via your web en email, you will quickly reach the limits of the transmission capacity. First, 8MB and later 12MB could be sent, but the storage capacity in the web.de postbox was limited to 500 emails. Since 2014, the send capacity and the email memory can be permanently increased as long as you agree to the new toolbar. All in all, the possibilities are limited and you have to accept some restrictions at web.de freemail. If you also want to use SmartFax, you can log in to web de. You can fax to addresses in Germany as a whole, but for foreign addresses, you only receive a note about the non-availability of the service. Whether you accept the restrictions or switch to another provider depends entirely on your user behavior in the email delivery. The fact is: The free web.de mailbox comes from a German provider, but depends on its foreign competitors in many respects. Competitiveness is called into question if you do not want to switch to paid services and spend money on special services.

A new product: The web de App

In the mobile age, web.de has also followed suit and offers its customers an Android and iOS app for email retrieval via the smartphone. The web de App lets you retrieve your messages on the mobile device and read the latest news on the homepage, watch football news and see videos from reports. In the Playstore or iOS shop, the web de App suitable for the smartphone can be loaded and saved on the mobile phone. The app is free and enhances the web.de mailbox through the mobile service. As a user, you can receive and read emails via the app, as well as use other offers from web.de. Even with a web.de freemail account, the iOS and Android app is compatible. That's an advantage, because before the rumor went around that the web de app was only available to club members and strictly linked to a paid account.

Massive advertising in the inbox

Even without using the eMail address, there are tons of offers in the mailbox of porn sites, strange social networks or web.de itself. These can not be excluded or blocked.

web-de-spamWhy web.de?

Web.de is a German provider, which is managed by the owner 1 & 1. Through the company headquarters in Germany, you have the guarantee that the standards for security and privacy are handled in accordance with German law. Unlike US-based providers, you can be sure at web.de freemail that your data will not be sold to third parties or misused for promotional purposes. There is advertising, but only directly from web.de and to the address you have deposited with the registration of web.de freemail. Cancel a word to the web de club: Even if there are problems with the termination, the surface of the offer has changed today and you will be informed before signing up that a free trial memberships directly into a paid club membership. If you only want to test and in the end become a member, you cancel in time and in writing. Regarding various requests for registration for chargeable services, you unfortunately have no way to turn off these notes. When you log into web de, you will occasionally receive advertising for paid services. The same applies if you send pictures and have the transfer volume higher than the provider possible. Here you will be referred to the paid web de email, as the volume for image shipping is greater.

Conclusion: With the web.de freemail offer you can receive and send emails free of charge. Thanks to the new web de app, this also works with the smartphone. Whether you are a club member, you should better weigh exactly. For little money, there is now also an eMail account at any provider of a professional webmail offers with its own Domain, You are then not bound to a provider for life and your e-mails are not read by third parties or evaluated for appropriate advertising. The more frequently you use your email address, the more difficult it will be to change it later.


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