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The vSphere platform provides with the vmware editions the ideal basis for applications, Business and cloud.
Not only does vSphere deliver world-class performance and availability, it also provides a high level of efficiency in the context of the individual infrastructure and its applications. Also for every cloud environment vSphere with the different vmware editions is the optimal basis.

Operations Management

vSphere takes virtualization to the next level with Operations Management with its highly intelligent operations management. The effi cient opration management offers even better insights and therefore leads to optimized availability and improved performance. The different vmware editions offer companies the opportunity to use exactly the vmware editions, which are optimally tailored to the individual IT and company requirements. To be able to deploy VMware vSphere requires a VMware vCenter Server instance, which is available separately.

VMware vSphere 6.5

VMware vSphere 6.5 is available in the following vmware editions as Standard, Standard with Operations Management, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus versions. A support and subscription contract is obligatory for every purchase of one of the vmware editions.

VMware vCloud suite

The best solution for an integrated and comprehensive cloud infrastructure is the new VMware vCloud suite. The vCloud suite includes the full range of cloud infrastructure capabilities, which include services for software-defined computing centers, virtualization, and policy-based provisioning, as well as disaster recovery, operations, and application management. It also includes vSphere Enterprise Plus is included in the vCloud suite.

Cloud managementStandard with Operations Management

The vSphere Standard with Operations Management is one of the vmware editions that is ideal for small or mid-sized businesses where proactive operations management and data security are essential. In addition to the features, components, and features of the Standard Edition, the Operations Management edition standard also includes the VMware vCenter Protect Standard and vCenter Operations Management Suite Advanced.

vSphere Desktop Option

The vSphere Desktop Option provides the desktop virtualization platform that guarantees high availability, scalability, optimal performance, and reliability for all desktop workloads. vSphere Desktop is also provided as a component of VMware View.

VMware vCenter Server

The VMware vCenter Server is licensed per instance, but a vSphere deployment requires a single instance for centralized management and deployment of core vSphere features, such as vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, vSphere vMotion, and so forth.

Kits for Retail and Branch Office Editions

With the vSphere Kits for Retail and Branch Office Editions, VMware offers three editions of the vSphere kits, especially for larger customers, designed specifically for distributed networks in multi-branch, branch, and branch office environments.

mycloud tabletvSphere Essentials Kits

Unlike the Retail and Branch Office Edition kits, the vSphere Essentials kits will meet the needs of smaller businesses by providing vmware editions with the virtualization solution for up to three servers with one centralized management capability.

Efficient, individual and optimized - Numerous advantages and maximum efficiency

The big advantage of vmware editions is that they can be selected according to the individual requirements and thus offer real long-term added value. The innovative features of the extensive vmware editions ensure that the optimal basis for applications, business and cloud is created.


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