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As everywhere in life, the Internet is based on the principle that high quality is an advantage and that inferior quality is permanently punished. Regardless of whether it's a blog, website or online shop: With high-quality text content, you can consistently achieve good positions in the ranking of search engines. Regardless of this, new customers or users are only generated if the text content on websites is attractively designed. A simple copy-off of texts causes disinterest, legal problems and a bad search engine ranking. As before, the principle applies that quality pays off!

Need for unique content for blog operators

No matter whether blog operator, online shop or conventional website: Successful text content is one of the most important criteria of an Internet presence. Blogs are only successful if they can provide interesting content. Users are primarily using search engines to new websites. Therefore, the ranking of blogs must be correspondingly good. If duplicate content exists, the rankings of blogs and websites are downgraded. Duplicate content is problematic from a legal point of view - but much more important is the punishment by search engines like Google. These are based on an algorithm with which internet pages are searched. Google knows that only blogs with unique selling points are of interest. Blogs and websites with texts that are thousands of times on the Internet, have no demarcation characteristics and are located somewhere in the sad center. In the worst case, a blog can be banned from the search engine index for duplicate content.

Unique content in the focus of search engines

Unique text content enables a simple and successful demarcation. Text content must meet the requirements of search engines and additionally bind readers. The implementation of Keywords is of particular relevance. Each text should be provided with keywords or word combinations related to the targeted audience. For example, if your audience is looking for the keyword "buy mobile," you should put that keyword in the text multiple times. The frequency of the keyword is a balance act. If this occurs too often, the website is classified as spam. If the keyword is too rare, it will not be properly ranked. Regardless of the keyword density, it is of particular importance to place the word combinations in prominent passages. Suitable digits are the first sentences of paragraphs, the headings and subheadings. High-quality search engine rankings can only be achieved using unique text content optimized for keywords. In addition, a link building is recommended, which is matched to the respective keywords. As a rule, unique content can be created by anyone who knows a little about editorial topics and has excellent spelling and grammar. Texts from original sources can be reworded to create unique content. However, quotes or literal passages must be taken literally. It is important that the created text content fits thematically to the website. Search engines can quickly find out which subject area websites specialize in.

Quality is King!

No matter if shop owner or owner of online shops: Text content should never be taken over by other websites. This also applies if product texts are available from the manufacturer. In the past, it was not uncommon for manufacturers to sue their resellers for their copy of textual content. Regardless of legal issues and downgrades in search engines, texts can be used for self-marketing. With an appealing writing style and stylistic elements, a website can be given a personal touch, through which the services or products offered appear in a sympathetic light. In former times it was completely sufficient to write unique texts and provide them with keywords. Meanwhile, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the text content. In 2011, Google released its Panda update, which has introduced major changes to the ranking algorithm. The filter downgrades websites with poor text content. Google can detect whether texts have been provided with high-quality words or have only been optimized for search engines. The quality of text content has therefore become increasingly important. With the constant advances in technology, the quality of texts will continue to gain importance in the future.

Avoid duplicate content and benefit from advantages

Search engines attach great importance to the provision of relevant content. Search engines are only used if they can offer their users real added value, ie they can distinguish important from unimportant websites. The source that provided the text first is preferred in the ranking, that is, Google recognizes which web page uploaded a text first. The copied content that is served on other URLs will be removed from the search index. Good text content can be protected by website owners and bloggers through simple methods. The copyright issue is not taken very seriously by many users. People who have invested enormous sums of money in creating high-quality content are annoyed by these behaviors. Unfortunately, it can not be prevented. Duplicates can be tracked easily. Subsequently, injunctive relief and compensation claims can be asserted. Of course, nobody is able to examine all websites on the Internet for duplicates. However, there are service providers and tools with which the Internet can be automated and permanently scanned for duplicates. The review of text content costs only a few cents. As soon as plagiarism has been exposed, the responsible person (imprint) should be contacted immediately. Failure to comply with the injunction request may involve a lawyer. Any dunning and legal fees and claims for damages must be borne by the defendant.


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