Under Traffic For computers in the broadest sense one understands the transmission of data within the computer system. Traffic on a specific page is also referred to as traffic. Internet service providers often use the term traffic to calculate the service. The service provider provides the user with a number of traffic that can be used to visit web pages.

How to determine the traffic on a website

If you want to measure the success of a website, you determine how much traffic it receives. So it's about finding out how many visitors click on the page every day. For this purpose, the website operator has a few tools at his disposal, with which he can obtain information about the traffic. Such data are obtained for example via the American statistics service Alexa. On a graphic the interested one is offered a graphic on which one can recognize the Alexa traffic rank in the own country as well as world-wide. On the basis of this graph you can determine at regular intervals whether measures to increase the traffic have been successful. Exact visitor numbers can not be determined however with the free version of Alexa. More extensive information on the traffic of a website can be obtained via the similarly free service of SimilarWeb. This service provider uses different sources to extrapolate the use of a website and it is possible to obtain estimated monthly traffic. In addition, you still get important information about the composition of the traffic. It shows how many visits were made by search engines, social media, direct calls or referral links. Google also provides statistics. For many customers today, the traffic on the pages of social media such as Facebook is of great importance. Also for this media you can get statistical information, with which you can rate the traffic on a fan page. For example, socialbakers have regular information about the strongest Facebook pages available.

Increase traffic

Who works on the Internet, be it with an online shop, one Homepage or a blog, always strives to generate as much traffic as possible for his site. Therefore, site operators are always interested in methods to increase traffic. The best way to increase traffic is keyword optimization. With tools such as Google Suggest you can optimize Keywords Internet surfers who search the search engines for a specific term, can quickly find the website. It has been proven that longer keywords are cheaper because they can describe the content of the website more accurately. So interested find the searched on the website and stay on this. If many visitors leave the website immediately, this has a negative effect on the ranking. The ranking determines the position on which the website appears on the result of the search engines for the entered term. Only those who place their page on the first squares of the search engines, can also count on a traffic increase. It has been proven that most seekers only click on results on the first two pages of the search results. Pages further back are experiencing low traffic.
Traffic can also be achieved on social media and that is why most people who work on the Internet today no longer rely solely on the search engines to generate their traffic. Facebook is considered the best way to make entertaining content public, while Google+ has become known for serious, technical content. On the other hand, Twitter is mainly about delivering fast, short information.

High traffic generates more customers

The increase of the traffic serves first of all to lead as many interested as possible on a web page. As a rule, the actual destination of the website is of course not met by the traffic alone. Once the visitor has arrived on the website, it is necessary to convert it into a customer. Well-structured, user-friendly pages are just as important as informative content that is unique and adds value to the visitor. In addition, content should also be regularly updated and supplemented so that visitors are encouraged to visit the site multiple times when they are looking for a particular product or service. Conversion from visitor to customer can make the website really successful, and traffic generation has made sense.