Stars on YouTube, Instagram & Co .: How is it earned?

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It looks so easy: Upload a video here, how to apply your make-up, film a little there while playing a video game. The creators who made it, seem to really make their money playing, in the truest sense of the word.

Career aspiration: YouTube Star

No wonder young people are increasingly thinking about taking advantage of this concept and becoming a YouTube star. Who does not want to earn a lot of money with what he really likes?
Of course you have to bring some skills here as well. Of course, you have to be able to film with your mobile phone or, even better, with a real video camera, be videotaped and later be able to cut the films in a video editing program.
But these skills can be acquired with the necessary interest. And we all want to look smart anyway, right? So the hurdles are not that high. And so many, especially young people, set off and want to become a YouTube star.
But not only teenagers earn money with their videos. Even a self-sufficient, who films everything that grows in the garden and tells how to do it, can make good money with his videos. But there are also ladies who like to crochet and knit and thus earn a pretty penny.

Funny is that not only with make up and video games money is earned. Some YouTube channels use their Playmobil figures to make small films and tell stories from life. This is exactly what is very popular with the children and so get the creators of these films to an incredible number of calls.

Age does not play a major role, contrary to popular belief. Rather, it is the love of their own topic, which allows the development of a fan base on YouTube and thus makes adolescents and retirees to the YouTube star.

How do YouTubers make money now?

The more subscribers you win on YouTube, the more money you make. You do not earn your money per enroller. Rather, one earns by sending new videos to the subscribers and they watch the new videos. If the creator uploads a new video and it is immediately sent to a few hundred thousand subscribers, it will also be viewed by those interested. Anyone watching the video will make sure the creator earns money. For anyone who allows his videos to be preceded by an advertisement from Google Partners deserves it.
The merit depends on the topic and the advertised search terms. If a Google and thus a YouTube partner offers 1,50 EUR for a search term and thus for the click on their ad, the creator gets a share of it. How much that is exactly can only be estimated, since Google does not publish exact numbers here. It is believed that Google receives 45% of the revenue, the creator 55%.
But there are even more ways to earn money with his videos. On YouTube there is the possibility to specify a description under each video.
In the box are all links, which one inserts, clickable. Thus, affiliate links are often inserted here. The creator calls or recommends in his videos so products, the user click on the links offered and the creator of the video receives a commission. Again, this can be a very lucrative business model, depending on how many subscribers and so on Traffic you can generate for his videos.
And this brings us to another way to earn money with his videos. So the creator of the videos in his videos deliberately recommend products that are provided to him by the companies for free. Often, he is also paid in addition.
As an Influenzer you can also make good money. Firms believe that if their product is advertised by someone with a high reach (ie a large number of subscribers), it will become more popular and well-known. Here, too, it is so that you need enough subscribers to be interesting for large companies.

The possibility of high revenue depends on the number of subscribers

All the opportunities to earn money on YouTube stand and fall with the traffic. If you do not have enough subscribers, you will not find enough people to watch your own video and earn money through either affiliate marketing or ad insertion. Only those who manage the stony path to a considerable number of subscribers, will become a YouTube star - because only then you generate enough traffic and thus enough comments to slip even in the organic search up.
A fan base is essential to make it big on YouTube. But those who have enough staying power can still do it today or today.
If there are many creators in the English-speaking world, there are still very few in Germany - and thus the market is far from being saturated.
So if you have the time and enjoy creating videos, you can build a fan base.

How long does it take to earn money on YouTube?

Again, it depends on how much content, in this case videos, you can produce and promote. Of course, a company that has a marketing budget will succeed much faster than a small lone fighter who produces, cuts, uploads, optimizes, and eventually distributes his video on other social networks.
So, depending on how much time you can spare, you should plan a few months or even a few years until you achieve significant results.
That's why teenagers often become YouTube stars. They are not (yet) interested in money, they just enjoy communicating and showing others what they are doing. In business life, of course, looks different. You have to make your business idea profitable as quickly as possible.

How to reach the right subscribers with advertising?

When you start small it's very hard to find the right subscribers who are interested in the new videos. On Youtube one can therefore advertise its channel directly and on other Youtube sides the thematically suitable advertisement for its videos switch. The cost of a real subscriber is between 3 and 5 Euro ad spend. But then you have real followers who are interested in the videos. Unfortunately, only a few pages are pushed by Youtube, ie their videos are then placed on thematically appropriate pages for free. This is usually only for channels that are already active for some years and have a certain subscriber base that also respond to the videos and give likes and comments. As a newcomer you have little chance within a short time to even enjoy the benefit of free advertising from Youtube. This is independent of the content you publish.


Everyone can become a YouTube Star. However, you have to bring along a good deal of time and not rely on the money you can earn there. If you manage to get subscribers together, it's possible to earn a significant income with YouTube.
The good news is that revenue will increase with the number of subscribers, so it's fair to say there's no limit. The entry level to earn money is very high and worth starting only about 100.000 real subscribers.


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