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Podcast microphone

The word podcast is an artificial word that consists of the words "iPod" and "broadcasting". The word 2004 was used for the first time in the British newspaper "The Guardian". Apple had just released a portable music player with the iPod, which became similar to the Sony Walkman to a term for a new technology. Along with the Internet, the iPod was also used to produce its own audio broadcasts and distribute them through the global network. That would not have been possible without the digital one Audio encoding and compression format MP3, This format was developed to reduce the amount of data to be transferred, but still provides a faithful reproduction for most listeners. At the time, MP3 was a popular storage type for audio files on the personal computer.

Creative podcasting not just for techies

Podcasting is thus a form of distribution of audio broadcasts over the Internet. Many people downloaded the programs onto their iPods and listened to them afterwards. But to listen to a podcast today an iPod is not necessary because many manufacturers brought out similar devices. Today, there are also media players for all major operating systems that can play MP3 files. You can also listen to podcasts on tablets and smartphones.
To make it easier to search for and listen to podcasts, you can subscribe to them for free. Podcasts are often distributed through a blog. In most cases, you can choose to listen to or download new podcasts directly from the stream.

Podcast kills the radio star

In the countless podcasts was initially talked mainly about technology. Some programs were endless and were nothing more than boring. Not every podcast producer is a good moderator. But there is another way. Some podcasters are not only creative, they also stimulate the acoustic possibilities and offer the best entertainment. They research bizarre stories, discuss new films, present innovative technologies, report on interesting travel destinations or give people the opportunity to present their ideas or dreams. For a long time the podcasters have not only dealt with technical topics. Many get interesting people in front of the microphones and ask questions about how our society will change in the future. in the Podcast network filter Bavarian Radio staff try to bring order to the weekly chaos on the internet. Of the WDR produces with KiRaKa a podcast especially for kids. They suffer Sleep problems is the podcast of the Tagesspiegel maybe something for you. If you prefer scientific podcasts you should consider the Spacetime podcast subscribe to. Companies and private individuals also use podcasts to draw attention to interesting content. To one Record podcast you can use a screenshot software.

What equipment do podcast makers need?

Podcast makers often use a laptop to record interviews and edit broadcasts. Also important is a good microphone with a USB port. In addition, there is a suitable software for recording the audio content. Audacity is free, almost a small recording studio, and also has many editor functions.
Of course, podcasters can not always visit an interview person in person. Here the software Skype offers to call the persons. If the interview partner also has a Skype account, the connection is free and of digital sound quality. To record the call, the software Call Recorder or Pamela is suitable. With this software, the raw files can also be converted to the MP3 format. You get a relatively high-quality sound if you use the format 128kbps for the files. If you need to merge two files or create transitions, you can use the above-mentioned Audacity again. In the end, all that's left is to notify your listeners that a new podcast episode is available. Many publish a message in their blog or send a newsletter to the subscribers. Even social media such as Twitter or Facebook are ideal ways to advertise the new podcast episode.