Podcasts - when should you use this medium?

Podcast creation on the notebook

In Germany, podcasts are still largely unknown. Only very few people know the radio plays, which are completely free on iTunes. Some internet marketers, on the other hand, have already discovered this still quite new medium and distribute their content about it.

What is podcasting?

As long as you have a microphone and can record sound on your computer and cut later, it is possible to create your own podcast. A podcast is like a radio show or a radio play. This can be made available to its users via iTunes or other platforms free of charge.
Like the creation of blog posts or videos, podcasting is another way to offer its users free content and thus generate visitors and ultimately customers for their own website. Of course you can also advertise your products in your own show or, once the show has built up a certain reach, place advertising and generate revenue.
Podcasts werden über einen RSS Feed gestreamt. Wenn Sie eine WordPress Seite haben, gibt es kostenlose Tools, um den Feed einzubinden und zu iTunes & Co. zu streamen.

Why you should think about podcasting

Podcasts can be created on any topic that may interest others and that they would like to hear "on the go". So it makes little sense to produce a cooking show as a podcast. Finally, you want to see the dish if you can not taste it and / or yourself cooking, But if you have a website about parenting, you can also share your tips and tricks with a podcast. Even small stories from everyday life combined with advice can tell here - there are no limits to the imagination!
Podcasts stay in the ear of your (new) user. He knows your voice, he knows your reaction to a specific topic and he may even follow your advice. That's why a podcast is extremely interesting. You can not get much closer to its users. On top of that, the podcast inevitably gives them the feeling that they know each other better.
Just think of us once: if you hear a particular radio station every day, you also know the moderators and the weatherman, right? They know about the idiosyncrasies of the respective moderator and may even deliberately switch to his program.

Link your own website to the podcast

Especially in the US, many individual entrepreneurs have discovered the podcasting for themselves. It's so much easier for you to make your voice heard, and you link the podcast to your website to create content. You can also use this idea for your website.
When producing a show, you need to plan in advance what you will tell on the show. You may also write a text in advance and read it - there is nothing wrong with that. You can then put this text as a blog post on your website. Even against that speaks nothing! That's how you created two types of content.
People who can not read your article - perhaps for very simple reasons such as lack of time or because they are blind - can still consume your content. But with the text you post on the website through your show, you have the great advantage of being able to do something for yourself Your SEO do.
Because that's how you feed the search engines and get visitors back to your website.

Podcasting - not so well known in Germany

You can benefit from the fact that podcasting is not yet so well-known in Germany. Because still you can easily gain a foothold in this area, if you persevere.
It may take some time before the podcasting in Germany has completely arrived. Therefore, the own show may have only a few listeners. But if you stay tuned and continue to release, for example, weekly podcasts, you will be found on iTunes and Co. Every episode you produce is forever there and forever on your website. For this reason, sooner or later you will appeal to users and also win fans.

An example of a popular radio show that went far beyond normal news is Domian. Over 20 years, Domian solved problems and provided help in his radio show. The show was very popular and was even televised at the same time.

Subscribe to podcasts

Anyone who regularly publishes a podcast will also find subscribers. These will be notified as soon as a new podcast is released. And the barrier to hearing this is far less than going to a website and reading the latest article. After all, you can have a podcast from mobile hear from wherever you are. If you load it on the mobile phone at home, it is completely free.

Podcasts are on the rise

Already 2005 gave it a little podcast hype. However, this ebbed away quickly. But since the big players like Apple, Deezer and Spotify came on board and Google also announced that there will soon be a podcast app, the podcast is on the upswing again. Apple, for example, now has its podcast app installed on its iPhones by default and the other services also offer podcasts.
Even audiobooks took some time to gain a foothold in Germany and managed to do it. Meanwhile, many books are also published directly as Audiobook - and sold on platforms such as the Audible belonging to Amazon.
Therefore, one can confidently say that podcasting will also establish itself in Germany.
Even if it takes some time and you only have a few listeners, you can still be sure that podcasting will bring new visitors to your website. Of course new customers will come with the new visitors, who will then hear you in the podcast.
After all, it's like being in a podcast, by being very close to his user, is much more personal.
Podcasting is always worthwhile. The only question is when will he reach the masses?


For internet marketers or even entrepreneurs who want to attract more users, a podcast is a good idea. Since this is not yet so well-known in Germany, one needs however above all one: perseverance.
Nevertheless, this is just sweetened, because you can indeed offer the content of the podcast on his website. It's a way to engage new users - not just portals like iTunes, Deezer, and Spotify, which offer the ability to subscribe to podcasting, but also via your own website, Because here too you can publish your content, which will be discussed in the podcast. Over time, there is also the option of integrating short ad units into the podcast and generating revenues.
Quite apart from potential sales, the podcast also promises a greater range and the ability to address new users in new ways - innovative but close to it.
If you look at podcasting from this page, it's definitely worth it, even if the revenue initially falls by the wayside.
However, before starting the podcasting project, it should be remembered that producing a regular show is a lot of work. It is therefore a good idea to plan the content in advance for a few months. Because nothing is more unpleasant than suddenly realizing that you actually had to produce a show but did not know what about. Therefore: Planing gives you the freedom to tackle your new adventure podcasting with the necessary leisure.