Photobooks in comparison

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The top 20 of the best Photobooks in comparison

Top 1: Digital Hall

Numerous professionals and amateur photographers swear by the photo book by Saal Digital. Only the slightly higher price and the occasionally confusing menu guidance are criticized. Nevertheless absolutely recommendable!


Top 2: Pixum

Pixum is a household name in the industry. The software is available for Linux and Windows and was awarded the rating "very good" by Stiftung Warentest. Pixum is a subsidiary of Cewe.


Top 3: Cewe Photo Book

Like Pixum, the Cewe photo book is one of the most well-known on the market and very popular with customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nevertheless, the daughter Pixum is a little better, especially since you have more options for image editing with her.


Top 4: Photo Premio

Foto Premio convinces with the price and can also score in performance. Although the software is only available for Windows and a bit slow, but it has very low cost and perfect color reproduction.


Top 5: Albelli Photo Books

Albelli is cheap and good at first glance, but it needs a lot of additional downloads so that all functions can be used. Nevertheless, the software is absolutely fine and even professionals can achieve more than worth seeing results here.


Top 6: Vistaprint

With Vistaprint you have found a cheap and reliable partner. With numerous features, including stylish backgrounds, Vistaprint is one of the more versatile software tools for photo books.


Top 7: PhotoBox

Above all, PhotoBox is good because it is easy to use online and is also a cost-effective alternative to other software packages. There are many features and the image reproduction is excellent.


Top 8: photo box

Photo box is easy to use and offers new customers a satisfaction guarantee. You get a reliable service, but missing from time to time a few features that you simply needed as a professional.


Top 9: Bind It

Bind It is inexpensive, easy to learn and has many features. In addition, you get as a customer a free box on request sent. The disadvantage is only the somewhat slow software that requires a lot of power for a smooth function.


Top 10: Cinebook

With Cinebook you get a photo book of superlatives. Here everything is really right and from the image reproduction to the features you can no longer expect as a user. However, Cinebook is a little too expensive and lacks clear communication of contract terms in advance.


Top 11: Prentu

At Prentu you get a slightly above average performance at a slightly inflated price. Likewise, you have to completely abandon the panorama function, which gives this otherwise good software a slight kink.


Top 12: iFolor

The software from iFolor is absolutely fine, the price as well. However, the delivery time of just under seven working days is far too long.


Top 13: Lidl

The photo book by Lidl is the cheapest option. However, you have to expect a delivery time of up to new days and also has difficult and complicated correction options at the edge of the picture.


Top 14: FUJIDirect

With the photobook from FUJIDirekt you get a very good performance for a fair price. The variety of design options are optimal, however, the editing is often much more difficult due to the inaccurate control.

Top 15: Photo Factory

Fotofabrik is still young, but versatile and flexible. In terms of cost, the software is still equipped with many features. However, the shipping is a little too expensive and there are too few clipart.



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