Password manager

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Password Manager - What is it about

Nowadays access to many websites is only possible with one password. This does not only apply to sensitive access, such as banks or online shops, it is the same in social networks or in forums. This results in a very practical problem, the overview of the different passwords is lost quickly. Here helps one Password manager.
The software manages the passwords for the various user accounts. It manages the overview from a single source while protecting against unauthorized access to these passwords.

Passwords - what dangers lurk

To determine the requirements of a password manager, some thoughts are needed on the dangers of passwords.
First and simplest problem, username or password will be forgotten. The result, the access is only possible via new request to the operator, or in extreme cases, he is no longer possible because, for example, previously deposited e-mail addresses, synonymous no longer true.
Is that still a matter of order, the problem area of ​​abuse by third parties is much more critical. Hackers use programs that simply crack knitted passwords without problem. The passwords are rather simple, is a consequence of the problem, they have to remember or want to. Eumel88 is easier to deduce than a secure password in the style 1ac? $ A +. Eumel88 is also the easier exercise for the hacker. His software needs a few minutes.
But also attacks of Keylocker are to be considered. A spy software records in the background keystrokes and thus accesses various access data.
Password managers address these issues and offer a closed solution package for password management, secure password development and password database protection.

How does the password manager work - all from one source

A password manager must have a number of basic functions. First, he has to offer a simple and clear management of passwords. The next important building block is a password generator. He develops password suggestions that, due to their combination of letters, numbers and special characters, provide a very large protection against hacker attacks. With no need to remember passwords, password managers can easily use such complicated password suggestions.
Third important feature of a password manager, the secure encryption of the database. After all, it contains the access data of each user to all platforms and user accounts on the Internet.
Under the motto of one for all, most programs offer encryption via a master password. If a password is already too much because of the penchant for forgetfulness, you can also choose variants with key files via USB stick or, for example, image encryption.
In addition, programs also offer extras that need to be compared. For example, there is a security check of existing passwords with suggestions for improvement or a virtual keyboard that can be used to bypass Keylocker. Anyone who already has a password manager and wants to change to another must pay attention to an import function.

Are there any disadvantages - the master-word risk

Of course, a password manager also has a vulnerability, the encryption of the database. Those who forget their master password or interpret it too simply have the same problems as with a simple user account. He can not get on, or the hackers have now cracked all passwords at once. This applies analogously to other solutions that secure access to the collection of user accounts and user names.
For this reason, special emphasis should be placed on the master password or the key to the data pool. Against the forgetfulness, the password should be securely stored and with a password generator can be encrypted complicated. Eumel88 would be the worst case.

Freeware or paid program - Are there differences

As for the basic functions, no. Buying programs usually bribe through better interfaces and free support. Who can do without it, is well advised with a freeware. It covers everything a password manager needs.