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It should be well known that it would be almost negligent to use one and the same password for invariably all password-protected login processes on the Internet, as well as in programs and in the computer operating system or the like. The problem is that you have to remember countless passwords if in doubt. Fortunately, there are now so-called password managers, with which you can manage all your passwords very easy and, above all, completely secure. Key executives include StickyPassword, RoboForm, LastPass, Kaspersky Password Manager, KeePass Password Safe, Password Depot, 1Password, Norten Identity Safe, Simple & Secure Password Safe and Steganos Password Manager. What the exact differences between the ten password managers are and what pre- or potential disadvantages result from the following Password Manager comparison.

Sticky Password

StickyPassword is a very good password manager at a fair price that comes with a variety of consistently useful browser add-ons. A peculiarity is that there are many easy-to-understand instructional videos and tutorials in text form that will help users of the password manager StickyPassword understand exactly what the many add-ons are and how they can best use them. All the more regrettable that StickyPassword is not compatible with either Linux or Windows Phone.


RoboForm is a compelling password manager that also comes with many browser add-ons, but only adheres to relatively weak password policies. He is also slightly more expensive than the password manager StickyPassword. However, RoboForm can score with a record-breaking, fast-paced, core-competent e-mail support and an extremely user-friendly client.


LastPass impresses with a very reasonable price and an almost intuitive operation directly in the browser. Further praise deserves the password manager LastPass for its unspeakably practical takeover function, via which all old passwords can be transferred directly. The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that there is no offline client. In addition, it should be noted that users have to renounce the password manager to a lifetime license, but this does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage.

Kaspersky Password Manager

The Kaspersky Password Manager, based on its annual license, is located exactly between the password managers LastPass and StickyPassword. And that, although the license also includes the mobile use in addition to the normal use. Also, email support may be a bit slower, but still better overall than password manager RoboForm. However, Kaspersky Password Manager users do not need Safari / Opera add-ons or Lifetime licenses.

KeePass Password Safe

The KeePass Password Safe is one of the few successful password managers that can be used absolutely free of charge. According to the price, the design of the password safe is a bit puristic or spartan, which can clearly benefit the ease of use. After all, the interface is not as overloaded as some other password manager. Less nice, however, is that there are no automatic updates for the KeePass Password Safe.

Password Depot

The Password Depot is very expensive compared to the other password managers. But it also offers mobile apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. And that although the Password Depot is officially only compatible with Windows. Unfortunately, the Password Depot shows at least in relation to the price some weaknesses in the automatic filling of passwords and e-mail support.


The password manager 1Password is again significantly more expensive than the Password Depot. But the users get a visually appealing client and a very handy browser add-on. In addition, 1Password detects duplicate passwords. It is incomprehensible, however, that despite the high price, users are not offered e-mail support and 1Password also proves to be prone to error during automatic filling.

Norten Identity Safe

The Norten Identity Safe is a free password manager that can only be used under Windows and where users do not need any e-mail support, but can convince them with a successful client and good master password guidelines.

Simple & Secure Password Safe

Simple & Secure Password Safe is also a completely free password manager that can be used on both Windows, Mac and Linux, and also has a very simple structure. Too bad that no team use is possible and there are no browser add-ons.

Stegano's password manager

Steganos is a very satisfying password manager at a fair price, who likes a nice PicPass system, a virtual keyboard and a lot of handy browser widgets, but does not work with Linux or Mac and unfortunately can only be used for browser passwords.


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