one click installation

1 click installation

What is a one click installation?

If you do not have a website and are looking for a way to create an attractive website cost-effectively and to maintain yourself, then here are the benefits of a one click installation to get to know.
This option is particularly suitable for you if you do not have a deeper knowledge in web design and computer science.

one-click installationWhat options does a one click installation offer?

With the use of a content management system, short CMS, you are able to create an appealing website even without web knowledge.
A CMS offers the possibility of accessing themes or layouts and adapting them to your own needs in terms of color and font. Furthermore, these CMS offer the possibility to install plugins and to give functionality to the website. This can be a calendar function, an online hip function, various forms, or even a member area.

The layout and functions of the website are usually programmed with PHP. The CMS recognizes them and can output the scripts visually. Furthermore, these scripts are linked to a database. Without deeper knowledge, it is not possible to create such a complex page.
If you decide now for a CMS, you get the possibility to use freely usable CMS.

one clickOn the Internet, you can download the latest version of the CMS and install it with a web hosting provider. Not only does the software have to be uploaded, but also a database has to be created, which is linked to the CMS.
If you do not have sufficient knowledge in this area, you can fall back on tutorials.

Of course, the implementation of these tutorials takes time, so business people need time-saving methods.
Because of this, many web hosting providers offer the option of taking over this installation for you. After registering a Domain You then have the option to install the software of different offered CMS at the press of a button. If the CMS is installed you have a log in area under which you can log in and create your page.

With the one click installation, certain parameters, such as page titles, are also queried and automatically set up for you. This gives you a tremendous time advantage and the acquisition of knowledge that you may only need once.


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