Remove nofollow in WordPress comment links


NoFollow bedeutet nicht folgen. Es handelt sich um Links in Kommentare oder Blogs, auch bei WordPress, die einen Link enthalten, aber dieser ist nicht anklickbar wie bei Do-Follow Links. Trotzdem ist es für Spammer & Co ungeheuer wichtig, diese No-Follows und auch Do-Follow Links in Kommentare wie bei WordPress unterzukriegen. Denn Ziel ist es, Leute zu betrügen oder die Rankings der Suchmaschinen nach oben zu steigen. Glücklicherweise lassen sich diese Links bequem und unkompliziert entfernen. Im Übrigen auch für den Laien, sodass hier die folgenden Schritte wichtig sind, um die Kommentare mit No-Follow Links zu entfernen und gerne auf die Dauer auch ganz zu deaktivieren.

Delete comments at once

Depending on the settings in the WordPress, comments must first be activated by the admin. Incidentally, this feature is advisable to make it difficult for spammers. However, if there are no-follow comments or spam comments in the comments under review, then there is a simple trick to delete all pending comments in one go. This saves tremendous time and effort on the exam. In the folder Spam it is enough to look, because all comments with no-follow or do-follow links are collected here. These must only be marked and may then be released immediately for deletion. Was it easy or was it? Of course, the other comments can be reviewed as well as published or deleted by hand.

Disable NoFollow comments


Both disabling and activating no-follow link comments is possible with a simple snippet. Here everyone has to decide for themselves which variant is served. But in general, it is generally recommended to prefer to manually look at which comments are allowed and which are not. So it can be decided at any time whether certain no-follow link comments should be removed or not. By the way, too many are never good!

Manually delete comments in WordPress

Depending on the settings, WordPress comments with no-follow link can easily be edited manually in the administrator area. Here, the owner of the website then decides whether he wants to delete the comments or not. For this purpose, however, it is necessary to mark the respective comments in order to carry out the deletion. "Delete" is here in the admin area for deleting the comments with no-follow links active. With the help of a snippet plugin, owners of a WordPress blog or a WordPress website decide whether the no-follow link comments are deleted immediately, by deactivating the feature and activating them, the user has to delete the comments manually in the end.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether to accept no-follow comments with links or not. Anyone who does not use a snippet plugin, should in any case in the admin area always control how many comments are currently pending, to check them and delete them directly. Directly visible spam can also be found here and can also be deleted manually. Both works great in the admin area and requires only a few seconds, depending on comments and little effort. A few mouse clicks are enough. Just enter PW in admin login area and admin access name, look under comments and delete. More work is not available for WordPress users and there are no-follow comments with links away.