mxtoolbox - The tool for webmasters


mxtoolbox is the portal with which you can set DNS settings and the whole Domain can check for errors and perform full analysis analyzes. The tool is indispensable for reliable webmasters in today's world, because all the important information of a domain is summarized at a glance and all problems are obvious when entering the domain. With mxtoolbox you can subject your domain accordingly to the named "Domain Health Check".

Domain check and support

With the tools you find on this portal you have the opportunity to filter many problems. Domains can be checked for problems and errors. All you have to do is enter the domain in the search bar. Various processes that are not obvious to you will be examined. In order to solve the problems you also have additional options to contact a support via e-mail or phone to solve the problem. The underlying DNS settings are also checked by mxtoolbox. 15 various tests check the stored DNS settings and the configuration of these.

FootprintWeb and mail server checks

In addition to the domain and the website, you can find even more profound problems and mistakes with mxtoolbox. So you can check the whole web server for problems. The status is checked every 5 minutes so that you can react in case of problems within a short time and restore the complete functionality. Each MX record can also be checked via mxtoolbox. Each MX record, that is every deposited E-Mail server, is checked. No matter which configuration you have chosen for your e-mail system. If a problem arises, this will be immediately obvious.

Blacklist check

A very important tool that is provided to you with mxtoolbox is the Blacklist check, So you can always check if your domain is on a blacklist. This is often the reason for incorrect mail transmissions, for example, in the case of email problems of corresponding domains. mxtoolbox checks 100 blacklists for the status of the respective domain and shows you if there is a warning regarding your domain. If this is the case you will be shown which blacklist has given a warning and you can contact us directly to "whitelisten" the domain again. The corresponding IPs can also be checked for listings on a blacklist. At the same time you have a delisting support with mxtoolbox, which helps you to be removed from the blacklist.


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