Livezilla - an online chat for the website


LiveZilla - the real-time chat for your own website

Customer proximity, fast support and easy accessibility - these factors play a crucial role in customer support. For website and shop operators, who want to offer in addition to the possibility of contact via telephone and e-mail also a real-time chat, we recommend the software plugin LiveZilla. With LiveZilla, your customers (or business partners) have the opportunity to contact you or one of your employees directly - simply via a ready-made chat form, which opens after clicking on the integrated button.

Suitable for communication and support

LiveZilla is recommended as a chat tool both for the selected communication with designated recipients, for example, during an already scheduled call, but also for spontaneous conversation, for example, if a customer has problems or questions and would like to reach the support promptly. The system supports both classic and compact chat in text form, but also offers additional support for webcams - either by one or both participants. Also, the software comes with a "Real Time Visitor Monitoring" feature to Traffic to be able to analyze later on the respective page.

Especially in onlineBusiness Customer proximity and fast support are irreplaceable. Since direct competition is often just a click away, it is all the more important to convince potential new customers and to offer existing customers a further service at the same time. The customer as the linchpin is also the central theme of the LiveZilla software, which is why most of its users use it as a real-time chat for support staff. Here, the software shows its true strengths, as, for example, tickets can also be created and prioritized via the internal ticket function, but at the same time there are also waiting lines for use as a support tool.

Software Made in Germany

LiveZilla is developed and distributed by the company of the same name from Singen (Germany). In addition to the features already mentioned to support chat support and the intuitive ticket system, the software also offers interfaces to social media (Facebook and Co) as well as to mail software and popular mail accounts. Another strength of the software is its multilingual design. Even if LiveZilla is developed directly in Germany, there is an extensive country support that goes beyond the classic alternatives English and German. Speech recognition and spelling correction, as supportive support for the support staff, also exists. In order to facilitate dealing with foreign customers, LiveZilla translates automatically sent text modules on request, which then arrive in the default language at the receiver. This makes it easier for internationally established companies and shops to deal with their customers and chat requests.

At the end of a completed chat, LiveZilla logs it and saves it. In this way, inquiries and support quality can also be reviewed and analyzed later. Other important features of LiveZilla include:

- a support of the SSL certificate
- interfaces between ticket and chat
- Can be optically adapted to user requirements
- Multilingual and with integrated translation
- comprehensive FAQ
- individual settings for the support chat
- ready-made text modules
- Transmission and receipt of attachments
- Possibility for conference call

If LiveZilla is used as support software, not only individual employees / PCs can be assigned, but also availability times can be set. This gives the customer an overview of when the direct chat is available and / or whether it is currently "closed" right from the start.

Also mobile support

The mobile support of the LiveZilla software provides even more flexibility. This has both for Apple's iOS and for the free Android operating system, an in-house app in the elementary functions of the software can be accessed and executed. Also, the app can be used to handle mobile chat and support requests. Apart from the mobile integration, the setup is very easy. Only MySQL and PHP must be present on the server in order to install LiveZilla in about 15 minutes. Afterwards all functions can be used extensively.


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