Guide Yoast SEO

Seo with Yoast

Yoast SEO is a very popular WordPress SEO plugin. That means Yoast SEO is installed on countless WordPress websites. Many website operators find this plugin to be very useful and useful. This plugin optimizes both technical aspects of the website and helps to optimize it. Thanks to this free WordPress plugin, it is possible to sustainably improve the reach of the website. What makes this plugin so popular is its easy operation. Above all, the Yoast SEO search console serves to display missing content directly in the administration area of ​​the WordPress website. It is worth watching the missing content. In addition, this plugin is suitable for forwarding 404 pages (nonexistent content) to existing posts or pages. It can also be set whether it should be a permanent or a temporary forwarding. The plugin also offers the possibility to save 404 error messages in a log file.

Yoast SEO Guide - the first steps

Getting along with Yoast SEO is easy. If you have read this guide, you will be convinced that Yoast SEO is very easy to use. But first you have to deal with the question: How to activate the Google Search Console in Yoast SEO? First of all, you have to confirm the authenticity of your website. To verify the website in Google Search Console, you need a Google Account here. If you do not already have one, you must first complete its creation. When you have done that, just press the button: "Get Google Authorization Code". This authorizes their website and allows access from Yoast to Google. A new window automatically opens, prompting you to allow Yoast SEO to access the Search Console data. Simply click on "Allow" in this window. You will then see a confirmation code that you need to copy the clipboard. Add this code from Google to the bar, which will be displayed in a new window. To do this, simply click on "Authenticate".

Further procedure to the finish

After authenticating the website, you must select the profile of your website. This is done by following the next forwarding step. There you will be asked to choose the profile of the website. If you operate or administer several websites, you must select the right profile here and then click on the button "Save profile". This confirms the settings. After setting up Google Search Console in Yoast SEO, you'll be redirected to Yoast SEO. Only then can you set up the search console. But first, you have the option to view the contents of the Google Search Console. In this view, you can see the posts, pages, media, and other files on the website (s) that Google declares to be "missing." There is the possibility to choose between different devices which can call the missing contents of the website (s). There is a concrete choice here:
Desktop (called by a desktop computer)
Smartphone (call through a smartphone)
Feature Phone (called by a so-called feature phone)