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You want to create a professional website with WordPress and use a beautiful design? Then I recommend the installation of WordPress with Plesk and a paid theme of Themeforest for WordPress Themes.
The installation is very easy and with just a few steps you can create a professional finished website where you only have to exchange the pictures and texts.

The theme selection

Choose a suitable design that suits your website. In this example we take a magazine theme for the website Package tours.
click on Themeforest and click on WordPress at the top of the menu.
Now you can choose a theme that suits your website. For example, business Homepage, or in this example "news".
I recommend to change the search sorting to bestsellers, because then only really professional themes are displayed by "Elite" developers who have sold several thousand copies and therefore the further development is also probable.

You can click on the individual themes and view the finished page in Live Preview. If you like a theme, then buy it the best. The support is included for life. You do not need to buy it additionally. This is offered to you, but the additional support is only intended for inquiries directly to the manufacturer. That happens in the rarest cases. The first 6 months are usually included in the price.

A good theme costs about 60-70 US Dollars. You should already plan this for your website. The themes that you can acquire here are usually whole program packages. In our example of the theme Sahifa by TieLabs, for example, there are useful programs that you can use for post-processing. So for example a so-called pagebuilder with which you can make the individual rubric pages or the homepage very simple, or different buttons and so-called widgets with which you can integrate pictures, or social media buttons, so that the visitor your page or the article in social Can promote networks.
Almost always there are several so-called slider programs with which you can easily create professional animations.

After you have bought and downloaded the theme you can install WordPress and embed the theme. As a rule, there is another .zip file in the Theme package with the theme data that you need to upload to WordPress. Please note the installation instructions, which file you have to select.

The installation of WordPress

WordPress can be installed in most cases with just a few clicks. I recommend using Plesk for installation, as it includes some small tools that keep WordPress up-to-date and safe, without installing additional plug-ins.

1. Create a subscription to Plesk for yours Domain.

2. Clean up. Delete all unnecessary files in your computer webspace, This includes the files automatically stored by the provider with the information that a new website is created here.

3. Then click on Websites & Domains and select the WordPress app to install

4. Use the small arrow next to the Install button to perform the custom installation.

5. Accept the terms and conditions and enter your details. Install WordPress in the root directory of your domain, so in the first section you can leave the path behind the domain / free. Choose an administrator username and a very good password. Enter the eMail address and select the language. You can now define the database name and specify a prefix of the database tables. We have called this "secret" here. The database user name and a database password should also be well chosen and different from the FTP or Administrator user. Never choose login names like admin, or your name. Do not use simple passwords like 123456. WordPress is the most frequently attacked content management system due to its very high popularity. Therefore you should protect your installation well from the beginning.

6. After installation you will see the overview of your WordPress system here. You can now first activate the latest WordPress own theme Twenty Fifteen and delete all others.

Then you can log in and update WordPress for the first time.

Install purchased theme

In the WordPress backend click on "Design" and "Themes". Here you can now install on Theme and then click Upload Theme to then download your Theme installation package to the server.

After the upload is done you can activate the theme directly.

Many themes still need a few plugins that are installed automatically after installation. In this example, it will be displayed at the top of the themes. Just click on "Begin Installing Plugins" and install the desired plugins.

After successful installation, these plugins must be in 2. Step then still be activated.

Done, that was all. Some themes have an extra child theme, which can then be installed afterwards. With these so-called Child Themes, the changes to the theme itself are saved only in the child theme. If the theme is updated, these changes will not be lost. So if you plan to change the theme's files yourself, you may want to install a child theme.

Watch a new theme

Now that you have everything installed and activated, you can view your website in another browser window. In principle, everything is ready, the theme is still pretty naked, so without content such as pictures or texts.

If you want to install a theme for the first time and want to test how easy it is to work with it, offer all themes to download demo data into your WordPress. This is usually done via the Theme menu. In this case "Import Demo Data". Here example texts and pictures are loaded, so that the website looks exactly like in the Live Preview demo.

Please note that the use of the images is only suitable for demo purposes. If you finally use the website you have to get your own pictures. Here it is useful either to use self-created images, or to use royalty-free photos from eg fotolia. Here you must make absolutely sure that they indicate the image number and the name of the photographer in the imprint.

Once you have recorded the demo data, you can now see the finished website and make a few adjustments. I recommend testing the individual functions once. Most pages are accessible via the menu and show very impressively, which functions the theme offers.

On the one hand the WordPress pages are important for you. This includes the homepage, an imprint page and possibly terms and conditions or contact forms.
In addition to the pages, there are also posts.
Posts are sorted by category and are sorted by date. You have the option of displaying a so-called content block on a part of your homepage, for example, to display a section on the left side of the homepage with entries from a specific category that you are always updating. Look at the finished website Package tours once on. Here we have presented on the homepage in the left area a selection of the latest articles in the category "travel information" followed by articles of insurance companies and providers. On the right side are various widgets visible such as an overview of the latest posts, advertising, Facebook and other social media and a login window.

Posts always make sense, for example, when you create a blog, or regularly publish news that you want to inform your visitors quickly without always editing the whole page. You simply create a new post and it will appear in the existing design.

The WordPress pages are then more static pages that can be filled with generated content. Here the actual structure of the pages is defined.

Many themes contain their own administration page with which you can make many settings. As in our case, the display of advertising in certain places, the color and design, or the fonts used.

If you have dealt with the theme, you can perform a clean installation without demo data, or delete all posts, pages, comments, media and users, then you have again an empty project.

You should check on the server via FTP, if all media files were really deleted from the server. These are located in the WordPress directory wp-content / uploads.

What is important for your website?

Now that you start your website, from the beginning you should make sure that you create your website properly.

  • Do not use pictures from the internet if they do not cost anything
  • create an imprint with all the information you need
  • Let us create general terms and conditions, a revocation and privacy policy
  • Keep your WordPress up to date
  • Use useful plugins to display your content well in search engines

Which plugins we recommend

Every beginning is hard. Even if you have created a great website. It will take some time to find you. Therefore, it makes sense from the beginning to optimally present your website for search engines.

These plugins are available for free and offer many features that will save you a lot of work.

Yoast Seo

Yoast Seo provides many useful features for your website that you can use to check the keywords of your individual posts and pages, or to define the meta description. It also creates a sitemap.xml file so that all pages can be included in the search index.

Analytics by Yoast

From the same manufacturer is also a plugin for google Analytics in which you can log in quite. You get a comprehensive statistics on all page views and links. If you've also previously registered with google's Search Console, you can also see which search terms have been entered on google and how often your page has been displayed in the search index.
Yoast integrates the code into all pages and offers direct access to all data and statistics directly in WordPress.

In this article you will find more details about Yoast.

W3 Total Cache

A nice tool to get your page a little faster. Your web host should provide the necessary functions to benefit from the cache (eg: memcached). With the standard Web site testing tools, you can use W3 Total Cache to achieve a significant speed increase. Here you have to test a bit with the settings. It is not always advisable to activate everything. Also keep in mind that the more features and plugins you have installed, the slower your page will be.

Recommended WordPress web host

In our provider directory you can find suitable WordPress web hosts or directly from one of our advertising partners: public company


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