How to sell a domain?


So you can make his domain into money

If you have one Domain and no longer needs them, you can make them through a sale to money. How to get one now Sell ​​domain can, what possibilities there are and what you have to consider here, you can learn below.

A domain exists only once in the world. For this reason, a domain always has a value, even if it is already registered and thus has an owner. The value of a domain can result from the name, but also from the awareness. For this reason, it also makes sense to offer to an existing domain for sale. But before you have his Sell ​​domain if you want to determine the value of your domain. This also prevents you from selling your domain either too cheap or too expensive. Basically, there are several options for determining the value. The first option is to obtain comparison domains and their sales prices. Alternatively, you can also determine the selling price based on the previous clicks. Here it is advisable to mark the selling price with a "VB" for negotiation. Or the third option, one entrusts the determination of the value of a professional company.

Afternic-domains sell-Possibilities at Sell ​​domain

The Sell ​​domain You have several options to choose from. The first option when selling is the placement of a sales note on the website. Interested parties can then contact by e-mail or telephone. If that is too expensive, you can also use the services of a professional domain merchant to sell the domain. However, it should be noted that corresponding commissions are deducted from the proceeds. Anyone who decides to take this route should first check and compare the costs of using them. This can save you money. As with everything you sell, you should also conclude a sales contract when selling a domain. In this, the transition, but also the purchase price and the payment should be determined. Upon conclusion of the purchase contract follows the last course, the position of the KK application. The KK application must be made with his provider, who then initiates the transfer and the change of domain with the responsible government department. With the KK application for the new owner, the purchase is complete.


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