Insert & hide affiliate links in WordPress

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With an affiliate plugin, not only can affiliate links be hidden, but also statistically recorded and managed centrally. Quality Affiliate plugins In addition, they offer even more and ensure, for example, that you never lose track of the clicks, that you can adjust statistics as you wish, and thus perform different evaluations. Masking or cloaking affiliate links offers many advantages to affiliates, as most affiliate program providers make the affiliate links very long, cryptic, and thus less confidence-inspiring for potential readers. But not only do the masked links look better or more confident, but the administration and control of affiliate links is much higher and easier, the affiliate links are masked. WordPress plugins, such as Pretty Link Pro, provide rich statistics and the option to centrally manage links. In addition, very long affiliate links within emails hold the danger of breaking, causing them to become "defective". Hiding Affiliate Links can offer bloggers and affiliates high added value that should not be underestimated.

Hide affiliate links and benefit from them

Affiliate links offer many features, such as adding and editing affiliate links, hiding affiliate links, categorical breakdown of affiliate links. The free version of the "Affiliate Links Lite" plugin can easily be installed via the WordPress dashboard. To determine whether the affiliate link should be followed or not pursued by the search engines, the plugin "Affiliate Links" offers the appropriate option and under "Defaults" the possibility to set this individually. In order to insert affiliate links in WordPress, the item "Add New Link" must be clicked on the dashboard in the menu. Under the category "Link Target url" the URL must now be entered to which the Affiliate Link should be directed. At this point, the URL of the advert partner is simply entered. The category "Link Description" offers the possibility to enter a name for the link of the partner.

Multiple integration of affiliate links

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If the search engines do not want to continue tracking or indexing the link, the "Nofollow Link" section offers the possibility to specify this. So that the links are not tracked, the function "Add X Robots Tag noindex, nofollow to HTTP Headers" must be activated. The section "Redirect Type" offers the possibility to determine how the search engines should handle this forwarding. If one of the affiliate links should be included several times, the WordPress plugin in the category "Link Embedding" offers the suitable option and with this option further settings regarding the individual links can be carried out very easily.

Set search engine options

With the possibility "Add rel ="nofollow"" Is suggested to the search engines that they should not follow this link, and this may be mandatory with respect to paid links. In order to be able to open the affiliate link in a new window, "Add target =" _ blank "must be activated. Hiding the affiliate links through plug-ins can have the added benefit of increasing affiliate revenue and adding confidence to visitors. In addition, this can save a lot of time and the links do not have to be laboriously entered via .htaccess file and redirected separately.