Anyone who owns a computer and uses it, of course, also wants to make sure that other users do not get access to the personal data. One of the most important applications or programs in a computer is the so-called firewall.

What is a firewall?

A firewall must not be missing on any computer. This reliably prevents attackers or hackers from gaining access to your data. This protection, which is usually preinstalled on every computer, also ensures that hackers or attackers can not leave data on your computer. The goal of attackers is to allow malware to be left on your PC. With a firewall this project is in any case many times more difficult. Malware endangers your personal and mostly very sensitive data. You should therefore make sure that the firewall is activated on your home computer.

Behind the firewall is basically nothing else but a kind of filter. This filter checks the installed programs for errors and unauthorized access. The firewall works constantly in the background and if inconsistencies occur, the filter informs the user immediately and automatically about it.

In simple terms, it means that the firewall controls and controls your computer's traffic. In many cases, the user can also set certain exceptions. In some cases, that makes sense.

Protection function firewall

So if you are interested in preventing hackers and attackers from gaining access to your computer, you should take all available protective measures. The first step for this is certainly the activation of the installed firewall.

You yourself are not really aware of the activation. So if you've disabled the firewall, you're increasing an attack from hackers. You certainly have no interest in strangers gaining access to your personal information and possibly misusing it.

The functions in a short overview:

- Control on the Internet and the networks
- Data traffic is protected
- reliable protection of privacy
- immediate alerts for unwanted or even suspicious activity

A firewall is definitely advisable, but it does not always prevent worse. You should always be aware that not all scenarios are secured and that an attack or unauthorized access can occur again and again. Those who use the Internet should treat their data carefully and carefully. An installation of additional safety precautions is therefore highly advisable. With a firewall, however, you set a first and right step.

If you need further information about firewalls, it is worth taking a look at the numerous forums of the IT experts. However, computer specialists agree that a firewall should and must work and be activated on every computer. Protect yourself against unauthorized access and take all the necessary security measures. Handle the Internet with care and delete suspicious programs instantly from your PC.


To summarize, it is only to say that the attacks and access to personal data are becoming more frequent. The reason for this is actually explained very simply. Many users simply forget about firewall and other security measures. Of course, attackers and hackers are looking for such computers. So give the hackers no opportunity to strike and activate the already pre-installed firewall on your computer.