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Every entrepreneur is looking for effective but cost-effective advertising. Because advertising for your own business often costs either a lot of time or money - in the worst case, both.
Therefore, the question often arises for entrepreneurs, whether they can also make cost-effective or better yet free advertising on the social media.
The good answer is yes, that is not a problem. However, it costs time. For example, if you decide to actively participate in Facebook groups, you do not have to pay for it. But he can not afford to invest time.

What are Facebook groups?

On Facebook but also on Google+, Xing or LinkedIn there are virtual groups for every imaginable topic in which people come together to exchange ideas on a specific topic. The groups can be created by any member on Facebook. If a Facebook member founded a group, he is the one Administrator the group and invite other members to join.
Some groups have several thousand members, while others have few participants.
Now, if an entrepreneur wants to promote his business online, it's a good idea to search for and join groups on Facebook that fit his business.

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How do you advertise in Facebook groups?

It's a good idea to pick only one or two groups to participate in first. Before you begin to post in the selected group, you should first read the group rules. After all, many admins do not allow you to advertise your business in groups. And honestly - that's annoying, is not it? After all, there is enough advertising everywhere. So who wants to be constantly bombarded with advertising on Facebook in a closed group?
But you can also use Facebook groups better for advertising - indirectly. The secret is: take part in the action. Make comments several times a day or help with problems. Just become indispensable. The more you speak up and help, the more respect the other group members will show you - and click on your name. If you do, you can look at your profile. And your profile should be linked to your website or at least your Facebook fan page.
Although this initially looks like a detour, it works great. Anyone who believes that the post is not seen is wrong. Because the other group members like to know who they are dealing with. And therefore you will look at your Facebook profile.
You can also post to your business on your personal Facebook page (ie your Facebook profile). There you can post whatever you want. Nobody can tell you what to post - no matter if you post your latest offers, products, or items to your store. Everything is possible. And everything is also seen by the people who come from the group and look at their profile.

In how many Facebook groups should one post?

Of course, you can join as many Facebook groups as you like. However, it is clear that Facebook groups are only lucrative if you participate. To enter only in as many groups as possible makes little sense. Ultimately, this only confuses and it can lead to being completely overwhelmed. Finally, all posts from the respective group appear on their own timeline. If you are in too many groups, this inevitably leads to the fact that you can no longer see the forest for the trees and overwhelmed gives up even something to post. For this reason, it is recommended to join only selected groups. After all, not the crowd but the activity in the Facebook group brings the desired visitors and thus customers.
Spamming is also not a solution. Anyone who finishes an advertisement and post it in as many groups as possible is either immediately removed from the group or reaps the anger of the other group participants - who wants to see the same advertisement over and over again. After all, often the other members are in more than one group.
Therefore: Choose your Facebook groups wisely and try to get in touch with the other members and build a relationship with them.


Used properly, Facebook groups can be very effective. After all, you are connected directly to your target group there. Are you someone who helps with PC problems, for example, you are in good hands in a Mac or Windows Facebook group. Now, if you have a problem there, people will come back to you if they need someone to wait for their computer. After all, you have already built trust in you - and selling begins with building confidence.


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