Everyone can create a digital product

Digital product

Just a few years ago, creating one's own product was a huge challenge. It took time and money to create a prototype that could eventually go into production. What sounds like a short process has often taken years and has been associated with many obstacles. If you want to create a physical product, you still have to overcome these hurdles today.
However, there is another way to create your own product. Not only is a digital product much faster to create, it's also much easier to create because you already have (almost) all the tools you need.

Everyone can create a digital product

If you've always dreamed of writing your own novel or your own non-fiction book or taking a meditation class, now is the time. Because with relatively little equipment and your computer, you can create your own digital product and distribute it on the Internet.
Of course, if you wanted to write your own book a few years ago, you did that on your computer as well. However, they then had to find a publisher willing to invest in, produce, and promote their work. With the ability to create your own digital products, today's platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and Co. give you the ability to work around this issue and independently publish your product.

digital-product buy-Your imagination has no limits when creating your own digital product. For example, some mothers who want to earn a few extra bucks in addition to caring for their children sell graphic sets or self-made typefaces for the computer. Others sell meditation courses (audio books) or even video courses. You can produce almost all info products relatively easily on your home PC.

Stamina is needed

As simple as it sounds, the decision to make a digital product is quick and easy. However, the creation itself can take some time, especially if you do this in addition to your actual job and can only work on your product during your free time or on weekends.
Unfortunately one gets very fast to the "Verschieberities" - a well-known problem. If you do not have to do something and no one is behind it and controls it, you can also move it to tomorrow. Because, of course, the desire to write a book continues or to record videos after a hard day at work.
Here is your stamina required.
You should be aware in advance that it will not be easy to make such a product - no matter what it looks like. You will have to negotiate many hurdles and, if necessary, get help to complete your product.
But the beauty of a digital product is that you only have to create it once and can benefit from it for a long time, if not forever.

Make yourself a plan

To be able to successfully create a digital product, you should already start with a detailed plan. Consider the "big picture" (ie your project) and break it down into small steps. Sort them and split them into small steps again. It is much easier to create a manuscript for a video on one evening than to record, upload, optimize and promote a video. In our example, this would be the work for five evenings. So you may get to your destination more slowly - but steadily.
Of course, there's nothing stopping you from investing an extra hour or hours in the evening, or working on creating your digital product at the weekend. The important thing is that you make a plan and crumble it into small steps. So it seems to you no longer impossible to achieve the big goal. After all, you always have to do one step at a time, and you will reach your destination.

Planning is the first and perhaps most important step on the way to becoming your own digital product. Because well planned is already half created. Only those who know what exactly he has to do when to reach his goal will achieve this.


The way to your own product is rocky and not "just" to accomplish. Rather, it may take weeks or even months to get to its destination. It does not matter if you want to develop a physical or digital product (ie an info product). The hurdles are just different. So the development of a physical product costs a lot more money. With a digital product, you may still need to learn one or the other skill to build your product.
In both cases, however, this is absolutely feasible. Plan well, then you too soon can distribute your digital info product over the Internet.


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