Encrypt WordPress website with free SSL certificate


WordPress users, if they want their private and very personal information, such as account information or login information, especially security for the transmission of their data. And they also have data that should remain secret, such as payment information of their online shop, etc. In times of hacker attacks on private PCs (and even more so by companies), it should be their concern that users who overlook their website , are interested in the products offered there and order something can also assume that their data safely arrive at them. You can take care of this by encrypting your data transmitted between the users and the website, using SSL or TLS. You do not even have to use an expensive service. It's also free, with Let's Encrypt. This free service is offered by the webhoster.de AG, This tutorial will show you how to install and activate a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt so you can use it with WordPress. But not only from a security point of view should you use Let's Encrypt to encrypt the personal data of your customers and their data. Rumor has it that the algorithms also rank websites with SSL encryption better. They can, if you integrate Let's Encrypt into WordPress, also do something for the ranking of their website.

TLS securityActivation of the free SSL certificate under Yoast SEO

In order to use the free SSL certificate under Yoast SEO, you do not even need your own webhosting account. In order for you to activate the free SSL certificate of Let's Encrypt, you must first check with eg webhoster.de AG Sign in. Then you have to go to the menu "Website & Domains". There you have the affected Domain and click on "Letsencrypt". Then click on "SSL Protection" and on "Edit". If you have the free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt just use Let's Encrypt's "Accept Disclaimer" checkbox. Afterwards you will be redirected and you will click on "Obtain and embed a Let's Encrypt Certificate now". This process will take a moment. When the SSL certificate is installed, you will automatically be redirected back to SSL certificate management. There you will see that the free SSL certificate has been installed by Let's Encrypt. To activate the SSL certificate, you only need to select "Yes" for "Enable SSL". Finally, if you want to install SSL encryption on WordPress, you must change all the links already set to SSL or HTTPS. This is the fastest way with another WordPress plugin, Better Search Replace. This is a plugin, with the help of which it is possible to convert URLS and also to change database entries.

Advantages disadvantages

SSL encryption generally has the advantage that the users who visit their website trust this setting. Because secure encryption is also a great success for your online shop. If you can not provide encryption for your online shop, usually no user trusts them either. A disadvantage in particular with the free SSL coding of Let's Encrypt is that the certificate has only a validity of 90 days. This means SSL encryption is only valid for this limited period of time. 30 days before expiration, however, they will receive a message that will offer them an automatic renewal.


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