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Perfect the blog - with YouTube videos

If you like the WordPress blog a little bit Bring up YouTube videos want. then you should definitely go for a change. Wes is really amazing how well you can substantiate your content with media content. It does not matter which content you exactly represent. No matter if you distribute advertising content, just have the WordPress blog for fun or specialize in a particular topic - if you do not want to go down in the crowd, you have to do that with pictures or videos.
Because that's exactly what it's been for WordPress arrives - to live it out. By showing your creative side and making sure you create a product that is different from the other unit blogs.
Here, however, very soon the question arises: Where exactly can I get tons of pictures and videos? If you're not a passionate hobby photographer by accident, it turns out to be very difficult. But if you look around a bit on the World Wide Web, you quickly found a potential source: YouTube!

Why YouTube?

The medium is the most widely used image and video distribution system worldwide. Especially because it also fulfills various social media aspects. For example, the user has the opportunity to communicate and interact with the creator of the video. This is done in the form of comments, private messages, or Likes and dislikes, You have access to almost every topic. Because of its many co-users, YouTube is actually the largest platform on the web. The search function is simple and uncomplicated, the search algorithm works perfectly. This makes YouTube the perfect platform for sources that you can enter into your blog, whether it's an image or a video.
How exactly does this work, and what do you have to consider?

Youtube videosHow do I add media content from YouTube to my WordPress blog? Basics

The whole process happens in the source code, with which one can edit the WordPress blog freely. The cursor must be set to the point where the video should be included. There is an embed code, which you can copy directly and immediately when you call the video. The function "Copy embed code" is used here. This can be found by right-clicking over the video. The code is then inserted at the point where you want it to be. Thanks to the well-arranged source code that WordPress has to offer, you will find it quite quickly.
By the way: If you do not want to click, you can use the key combination CTRL + C for copying and CTRL + V for pasting. In particular, having a lot of content to process saves a lot of time!
Then you save the source text as usual and check whether the result meets the desired expectations.

Are there any other options available to me?

Yes, they do exist! For this you have to look in the HTML view the name "player-detailpage". If you want to save time, do so with the combination "CTRL + F" and then enter the appropriate search term. After "player-detailpage" you have to set the character ";". Now you have access to additional editing elements. For example, if you want to hide the bottom bar, then enter the code "player-detailpage" after the ";" So no one who comes to the blog has the ability to fast forward or rewind. The same can be done with the upper bar: This requires the command "showinfo = 0". The practical thing here: The visitors of the blog then no longer see that it is a YouTube Video acts!
The command "autoplay = 1" ensures that the video is automatically played as soon as the corresponding page is called up. At times this is also considered to be quite practical.
If you have already gotten a bit deeper into the matter, you also have the opportunity to integrate the video with a so-called plug-in. This is particularly advantageous if you create and manage the WordPress blog yourself - and on a complete line. For this it first requires the installation of eintsprechenden player - the JW Player offers at this point. This is under the following destination link: JW player findable.The player uploads the selected file of the film then easily and uncomplicated, so it is automatically integrated into the WordPress blog.
If you want to integrate the file separately and without plugin, you have to go to the menu "Add Files" at the top. Then you select the appropriate file and the video is easily uploaded and embedded. Bottom right pops up a menu, there you select the point "Embedded media player" then "insert into the post". Then you save the process so that the video can go online directly on the blog.