domain name

A Domain is seen by the viewer as a coherent web page. Superficially, this is an area on the Internet that has its own name. You can recognize this by the independent link address. By creating your own domain, you can not only spread the name of your site more effectively, but look more serious to the visitors of your site.

The meaning of your own domain

Having your own website is not that hard these days. The number of vendors is hard to miss and everyone offers different offers regarding the capabilities and capabilities of servers and software. Which of them you need and which does not depends, above all, on how your website should be structured, what purpose it must fulfill and what benefits you hope for yourself and your visitors from it. This results in a large number of questions which have to be clarified in advance and which significantly influence the choice of the right provider. In many cases, building block websites are also offered which can be configured very easily.

Placeholder domainsA big advantage is that these sites are often free. The disadvantage, however, is that you only have very limited options to customize the website according to your ideas. Above all, the design is often subject to copyright and there are copyright notices available. In addition, the benefit of the provider's free supply has a number of disadvantages. At first, such a page is provided with a lot of advertising. The advertising is necessary as a compromise, so that the provider can recover its costs. In addition, many additional services and other offers to expand the website are offered. These costs ultimately much more than a total package, which is charged from the outset. The biggest disadvantage of such free websites, however, is that they are generally just subdomains. The link name is therefore usually structured according to the scheme " /". Often, the ending is not even .de, but other, less known and, above all, less reputable endings are used.

The totality of these criteria means that you do not own a correct domain, nor that your subdomain actually acts seriously. In particular, extensive advertising, which appears in the form of pop-ups, or appears nationwide, can quickly deter users. So if you want to be serious and want to build your own real domain, it is crucial to be able to invest something in it and to be able to use a comprehensive service and software offering and a domain according to the scheme " " to obtain.

Building a domain

The domain is a hierarchical structure in the Internet. The ending, in Germany usually .de, first says about the country in which this, referred to as Top Level Domain structure is located. Other domain endings are also widespread and are not necessarily related to the location, but often with the purpose and benefits of the website. The middle part of the name of a website is ultimately the most important to you personally. While the ending of the top level domain can be used very often, the middle name part, the second level domain, is unique. You can choose this part yourself and adapt it to the name your website should have. This will connect your website faster to the name and find it faster by potential visitors. In addition, a domain is subdivided into other areas, often with a precise order. This is the case as soon as you not only offer a single main page, but subdivide it into a large number of subpages. These hierarchically lower parts of your domain are usually indicated with a / and stand behind the top level domain extension. These are ultimately third-level domains that you create yourself on your website. Again, each name, so in the best case, the name of each sub-page, be unique. In another case, there would be overlaps and it would lead to a variety of display errors. With your own domain, which is meaningful and houses a flawlessly designed website, you can draw attention to yourself or your site. This makes the site especially quick and easy for both Google and potential visitors. Through this serious, advertising-free and thoughtful design, you can create a flawless website with its own domain.

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