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The number of applications that require the so-called Youtube Api Key (translates Youtube Api key) is steadily increasing. The Youtube Api key is from version ViMP 3.1.6 mandatory for the import of Youtube videos needed. But where do you find the Youtube Api Key? So much should be anticipated at this point: In your Youtube account, you will search the Api code, unfortunately, in vain.

Youtube Api Key features

Not only will you wonder where to get the Api Key, but also what you need the key for recently. It is needed to optimize the connection of your website with Youtube, so that additional information about the video can be called up. It is still essential if you want to integrate videos from your channel on Youtube into your website. Although you still have the option of manually incorporating your videos, you can manually integrate the video snippets into your web presence. The downside is that you after each new Video Upload on Youtube always yours too Homepage need to update. In this case, the v3 API provided by the video platform Youtube will help.

Requirements for creating the Youtube Api Key

So you one Create Youtube Api Key you need a Google+ account. If you do not already own it, you'll need to create a Google+ account first. This is accomplished within a few minutes. Next, log in to "Google Developers" to create a new project. Go to the URL You are free to choose the name for your project. It is needed so that you can distinguish your different projects. Now look in the console of "Google Developers" for "Data API v3" to get a new view. Now select PIs and Authentication> APIs in the left menu. Then type in the search mask the term "Youtube". In the search results list, click on YouTube Data API v3 and then click on "File API".

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Creation of Youtube Api Key using Youtube Data API v3

Now you have created the conditions that are imperative to create the Youtube Api Key. Proceed as follows to create the Api key: To do this, first click on the "Access data"> "Create new key" button in the menu below. Now you have the choice between iOS key, Android key, browser key and server key. If you need the Youtube Api Key to embed videos in WordPress, choose Server Key. If you want to make the additional information available to every visitor to your website, simply leave blank the field for the text in the pop-up box. To finally get your Youtube Api Key, click on the "Create" button to finish. Also at a later date, you can always view the created Youtube Api Key when needed. All you need to do is select the appropriate project on the Google Developers console and then click on APIs and Authentication> Access Data. Copy this long code directly into the appropriate settings of ViMP Backend -> Configuration -> Youtube Import> Copy Youtube API Key. After this has been done, you have successfully made the connection between Youtube and your website and you can use the Youtube import immediately.


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