cloud backups, meaningful software for backing up your data


Always up-to-date: The subject of data protection concerns private individuals as well as companies. In the private sector, data loss is extremely annoying, for companies, the consequences are much more far-reaching. An alternative to local back-up is the use of a cloud server. Here modern technologies are used and the security measures are usually much higher than in your own home. But which possibilities of Cloud Back-Up are there?

Benefits of Cloud Back-up

Hard-ware defects are often unpredictable. This not only affects the work environment, but also back-up media. In addition to signs of wear and tear, power failure, water damage, fire, lightning, theft or loss are risks that can not be neglected. These are minimized when backing up to a cloud server because the data centers of reputable providers are appropriately equipped and prepared for unpredictable situations.

Many service providers provide appropriate software to automate the back-up. In the private sector and with less data volume you can use free services like Dropbox. However, by assigning a suitable password and protecting it yourself, you are responsible for the security of your back-up. Also, the transfer may involve risks. Other service providers such as Acronis, Symantec or Mailstore, however, do not work with virtual data folders and direct accessibility. They offer significantly more storage, ideally an encrypted transfer and require an affordable fee.

Software for online data backup

The security of online storage services can be optimized by software such as Areca Backup or Duplicati. It works with common services, but the data is encrypted and compressed before being sent to Dropbox or Google Drive. It is also possible to use standard protocols such as FTP, WebDAV or SSH. Unauthorized access during transmission as well as on the data backed up online is made more difficult by the use of the software.

Complete system backup

Much more sophisticated are special software solutions designed for professional use, such as Carbonite Server Backup by Mailstore. Modern encryption is used here, the backup takes place during operation and the back-up can take place both locally and in the data center of the provider or in parallel. Encryption is done by AES 128 bit or optionally 256 bit, which can be customized to suit your needs. The backup as an image with the so-called Bare Metal Recovery allows an immediate data recovery - if necessary, also on newly used hardware.

Depending on the selected package, the type and number of possible system backups differ between physical and virtual environments. A major advantage of the software with cloud connection via a German computer center is the ability to secure not only sensitive data but also complete applications and databases. Compatibility with MailStore archives of the same provider is of course also guaranteed, so that important communication is maintained. The ongoing operation is not affected by the automatic processes and the provider of course secures the necessary data protection measures. The costs differ with the chosen scope of services.

Conclusion - cloud back-up as a sensible measure

Once the data is lost, the consequences are almost unstoppable and the financial loss may be much higher than investing in appropriate software. Well thought-out and configurable automation processes, encryption measures and the provision of online storage are ideal for companies that want to ensure maximum security with little effort. Of course, as a private user, these are too powerful - the combination of an online storage service with back-up software can serve the purpose here. Basically, the use of a cloud back-up is always more useful and effective than the exclusive local backup.


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