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Especially private users are reluctant to afford a paid antivirus software for their home computer. Instead, they trust free service providers who in turn finance themselves in different ways. In addition to a free basic protection is often offered a premium version, which ensures a more sustainable and better protection. Other companies want to resell recently collected data to third parties. This has caused many users uncertainty and indignation. Again, companies often have no choice and need to purchase a paid version of the license offered. Clam Antivirus offers here a free counter model, which should provide for a greater protection of the own company server.

ClamAV takes advantage of cloud computing

ClamAV is an open source antivirus program that sees itself as a reliable antidote to threats such as Trojans, malware or viruses. An advantage of the application is the offline usage, because all important virus definitions are downloaded from the net. Therefore, should there be no Internet connection, it can still be a virus scan done, which usually reliably detects all threats and destroyed. This database is updated several times a day. The application is particularly suitable for the operating systems Linux and Mac. A Windows version is distributed under the name ClamWin. The virus definitions come from both ClamAV and the Immunet Project. That's how ClamAV exploits the benefits of cloud computing. In the Immunet Project all data of the individual users converge, whereby fast new virus threats are recognized. With these daily updates, the database is always up to date. Meanwhile, comparable service providers are taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. Particularly helpful is the free anti-virus program when an e-mail server is operated. The built-in phishing filter carefully probes whether there is a phishing attack on incoming emails. The virus scanner clamscan is operated via a command-line editor, so the use for laymen in the beginning can seem a little daunting. But there are now a variety of graphic surfaces from which to choose.

Fast virus scanner on open source basis

The virus scan shows that ClamAV usually works very fast and there are rarely any delays. If you want to extend the software, you will find a large number of third-party tools on the provider's website, which can be integrated quickly and easily. Since the standard version is not a real-time scanner, this functionality can be created with the Third Party Tools. In the criticism, the software is advised several times because of their low detection rates, which was a problem especially for ClamAV at the beginning and could be partially corrected in the meantime. Another criticism was the handling of the software in the free basic mode. Thus, detected viruses and pests were only quarantined, but not permanently removed. This happened only with a paid plus variant. Ultimately, the intention was to promote the Immunet Project and thus improve the expansion of the service. 2014 was then acquired by the Cisco company ClamAV. ClamAV continues to be a reliable service provider, but is no longer an alternative.

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No longer unrivaled

Despite all the criticism, ClamAV enjoys a good reputation among users of Linux distributions and is often used as an alternative to paid anti-virus programs. However, the advantages that prevailed at the beginning compared to comparable competing products have meanwhile been largely absorbed. Almost all major virus scanners now rely on cloud computing. ClamAV did not really catch up to these competitors due to the still mediocre recognition rates. It is therefore worth considering whether you as an entrepreneur would rather avoid using a paid service when it comes to protecting your own server. Because in the event of damage, this not only attacks the financial substance of the company, but it suffers above all the reputation. Especially the confidence of the customers that you have struggled for the most, you do not want to lose by such an incident. If you want to secure an e-mail server for free with an antivirus program, then ClamAV continues to be a viable solution.