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Whether blog, website or online shop, a good legibility makes not only the readers happy, even for search engines, the readability of online texts is interesting. Google is paying more and more attention to quality and evaluating the readability of every page on the Internet, the result has an influence on the search engine ranking. You do not have to be an SEO guru to write well-read articles and blog posts. The WordPress plug-in Yoast SEO helps to optimize all texts for the search engine. And those who work better in the search engine will be clicked more often.

Yoast SEO: What does readability mean?

Who wants to read bad texts? None. This applies to assembly instructions, newspaper articles, books and also texts on the Internet. While it may well be flowery in printed form, the simplicity prevails on the Internet. Here is the rule of thumb: texts for the Internet must be as easy as possible. Hard to understand is difficult to digest. And then the users click away. The better texts are to be understood, the longer users stay on the page. Things like length of stay and bounce numbers can affect the position in the search results. Whether a text is easy to read, Yoast measures SEO on the basis of several parameters.

How does Yoast SEO check readability?

In order to find out what easily readable texts can be identified, the developers of Yoast SEO linguists have come to the side. The linguists identified various criteria that are crucial for the readability of a text. The following criteria were added to the Yoast SEO readability check:

paragraph length
record length
word length
Transition words
Flesch score

What is the flesch score in Yoast SEO?

The Flesch Score is a value indicating the reading comprehension (Flesch Reading Ease). A low value (0-30) indicates a very heavy, a high value (80-100) a very light text. The very heavy text can usually be understood only by academics, with the very light text is also an 11-year-old student effortlessly clear. Basically texts on the Internet should have a Flesch value from 60 to 70, whereby it makes sense to adapt the text level of the own Internet texts to the corresponding target group. The following table shows it more exactly:

Flesch Reading Score Readability Understandable for

0-30 very difficult academics
30-40 slightly hard middle school level
40-60 average secondary school, vocational school
60-70 easily 13-15 year old student
70-80 medium-easy
80-100 extremely lightweight 11 year old student

Yoast SEO: How to optimize readability?

Yoast SEO creates a statistic (content analysis) that lists references for readability. The plug-in uses a simple color system, red stands for insufficient, orange / yellow for improvement and green for good.

In addition to a green dot could say for example: "The text scores 63.2 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered OK for reading." In addition to a red dot, the following could appear: "43% of sentences contains more than 20 words, this is above the recommended maximum of 25%. Try to shorten the sentences. "If the point is not green, an eye symbol appears next to the hint. A click on the eye indicates which sentences are affected. The text automatically marks the sentences that still need to be revised. In our example, all sentences that contain words over 20 would be highlighted. So it is clear to which parts of the text still has to be filed.

readability wordpressAchieve better readability with Yoast SEO

When it comes to readability, Yoast SEO shows where it hapers. However, the plug-in does not make any concrete suggestions for changes. So it is in the individual case when proofreading to experiment a little, which changes lead to a better rating. Here are some basic pointers that help to achieve better readability with Yoast SEO.

paragraph length

Ideal are paragraphs with at least 150 and maximum 300 words. Shorter paragraphs should be linked, sometimes it pays to formulate a new transitional sentence. More than 300 words should not have a paragraph, which makes especially the reading on mobile devices cumbersome. In addition, meaningful subtitles are useful.

record length

Yoast SEO complains when sentences about 20 words, because long sentences influence the flow of reading. A maximum of 25 percent of sentences may have more than 20 words for the plug-in to give a green dot. Nevertheless, the less long sentences in the text, the better.

word length

Even the choice of words plays an important role in legibility. Yoast SEO especially appreciates short words with few syllables. So if there is a shorter synonym with the same meaning, this should be used. Even abbreviations instead of long words are considered positive (example: VAT instead of VAT). In some cases there is neither an abbreviation nor an adequate synonym. Then you have to get creative and rewrite a long word in several short words (example: "mountain climb" becomes "climb to the mountain", "few" to "a few"). Then the text will be longer, but also the rating better.

Transition words

By the term transition words are meant words that illustrate the mental connection (example: beyond, besides, then, accordingly, etc.). They make reading easier and, according to Yoast SEO, should occur in at least 30 percent of sentences.

Quick Tips: Achieve better readability with Yoast SEO

- use short, concise sentences under 20 word
Avoid extreme box sets
- work with transition words and phrases
- short words with a maximum of two syllables prefer (abbreviations, synonyms or by rewriting)
Text with intermediate signatures and enumerations
Write paragraphs with 150 and 300 words
Reader do not forget


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