Avira Internet Security


Threats from Internet trojans and viruses that spy on the PC for passwords and analyze buying behavior are increasing. The Avira Internet Security Suite is a paid virus protection from Avira. The software protects as a complete package against viruses and Trojans and scores with many personal settings for the security of the home PC, a tuning program and the protection of the smartphone.

What can the Avira Internet Security Suite do?

Avira Internet Security Suite provides complete protection against malware, cloud real-time protection, and blocks unwanted applications hidden in software. The Avira Internet Security Suite scans incoming e-mails for malware and scans shared files on networks for malware. Through permanent testing, the Avira Internet Security Suite stands for secure surfing, online banking, streaming and downloading. The system removes unnecessary messages for movies and games. It blocks the tracking of visited online sites, malicious websites and starts a comparison shopping when desired.

- Cloud Security: The Avira Internet Security Suite detects malware behavior. The detection data is sent to the cloud so that unknown pests can not nest there. If suspected, the user receives an analysis result from Avira.

- Double protection for the browser: If you click and accidentally hit a dangerous page, Avira stops building the page. In addition to malware, the program looks for spyware. Shared folders to be shared on the network are scanned for bad attachments.

- Add-on: Avira Safty improves PC performance by removing unwanted files, compressing data and optimizing battery management. Services that are not necessarily needed will remove the program from startup. So not only is the PC faster, but the storage space increases.

In addition to Avira Speed ​​Up, the protection for Android mobile phones is included in the Avira Internet Security Suite. It protects the smartphone from data loss and viruses. Android Protection includes a phone location, anti-theft protection, and a ringer trigger when you move your smartphone. The additional program must be downloaded from the Avira Internet Security Suite on Google Play.

At a glance:

- classic virus protection
- Checks called sites for tracking cookies
- suspicious websites are already marked in the hit list of the search engines
- Monitoring the disclosure of sensitive data
- blocks unwanted intruders
- Game mode
- Data shredder and PC optimizer Avira Safety as additional program
- Protection for the smartphone as an additional program

Handling Avira Internet Security Suite

The Avira Internet Security Suite is compatible with Windows. It can be purchased for one or more years for one or more PCs. Avira Internet Security Suite and Avira System Speed ​​Up are safest over the Homepage downloaded from Avira. Both products are offered for download. Via a manually adjustable update option to the manufacturer's homepage, the virus protection updates itself in the previously manually set period. The menu navigation is German. The handling is easy even for technically not so experienced users. For problems and questions, support via email or a comprehensive question and answer tool with solutions from users help. The opportunity to contact an expert who can remotely resolve potential problems with the Avira Internet Security Suite is praiseworthy. The program itself has another support tool. The support on the phone, in the user form and by e-mail is available all day. Avira Internet Security Suite ranked 2015 at Stiftung Warentest first in terms of handling and second in overall rating. On the negative side, two programs have to be installed in order to get the complete protection.

- required storage space: 168 MB
- Memory: at least 1024 MB RAM
- Processor: at least 1 GHz
- Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1., 8. 7, Vista, XP, Android

Download and activate Avira

Before purchasing, potential buyers can test the Avira Internet Security Suite 30 days for free. A Videotutoral on the manufacturer side facilitates the installation. The activation code after the trial version consists of a key consisting of letters and numbers, which is sent by e-mail after the Avira Internet Security Suite has been purchased. The customization options range over the firewall, the browser protection and the e-mail protection. You can have your system checked regularly or start the test manually. The same applies to the update frequency. In the menu mask you will find a planner for various auditing options as well as reports and events about threats and quarantined viruses, worms and Trojans. Avira Internet Security Suite offers the option of checking external hard drives and drives connected to the PC for pests.

Avira Internet Security Suite in use

Check the virus program the PC, then you can still work with your PC. The system performance is not affected. If you're watching movies or in play mode, the review automatically stops.


The extensive functions of the freeware are complemented with the paid-for Avira Internet Security Suite many useful features that make surfing the Internet and the use of the PC safer and more efficient. In the Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 version, the browser protection has been improved once more and the cloud detection system introduced. The installation succeeds easily, even if several products have to be downloaded. Comprehensive support options help with problems. The design in Windows looks overhauled, but fully complies with the tasks. Stiftung Warentest rates the new version of the Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 as Product of the Year in Internet Security.