Antivirus software - additional functions

Anti virus software

Of course, anti-virus software should primarily provide good all-round protection. This includes a good detection performance of viruses and a high level of protection against threats of any kind. Meanwhile, there are also numerous anti-virus software that has much more to offer. These include additional features such as parental controls, mobile protection or system tuning tools.

The most important additional features of AntiViren software at a glance


AntiViren programs offering parental controls are especially relevant for home networks in families with children. If this backup is activated, certain contents in the form of Internet pages can be blocked if desired. But there is also all-round protection. This in turn means that this backup will block all content that is not shared with children. This is done via a database that has collected exactly this content and is made available by the respective provider.

Mobile protection

Also interesting is this additional feature. Anyone who has a smartphone in addition to a PC or laptop can protect all devices against threats of any kind with just one software. The virus programs with mobile protection function make this possible. The program is simply loaded and installed in the form of an app on the smartphone. The big plus here is that the smartphone software can be managed with some providers then over the PC.

Password Safe

In the meantime, every Internet user has numerous accounts on the Internet, be it on social networks, dating portals, online shops or even online banking. Of course, to protect your user accounts from unauthorized access, the password is extremely important. Unfortunately one loses with the many different passwords quickly the overview. Remedy here is a so-called password safe. This is of course also offered as a separate software, makes of course much more sense in the handling, if it is integrated directly into the selected AntiViren software. Extensive password vaults offer numerous functions. Thus, all stored passwords are not only encrypted, they can also be managed or regenerated by means of a generator.

System tuning

Over time, a lot of data garbage accumulates on the PC. Unfortunately, this has the big disadvantage that the PC gets slow over time. To prevent this there are system tuning tools that are already integrated in many anti-virus programs. You can often recognize them by the names Speed ​​Tools or Tuning Tools. Built these tools are usually pretty much the same. They have an evaluation of the system health of the individual components in the form of hard disk, processor, power, etc. After the evaluation, the areas that have problems are listed. With one click, these problems can be solved and the performance of the PC can be improved. Also traces of activities on the Internet can be eliminated so practically and uncomplicatedly.

Browser protection

If you travel a lot on the Internet, you should pay attention to this additional feature when choosing an AntiVirus program. The browser protection serves to warn the user against dangerous websites, which contain viruses and can damage the PC or laptop. In most cases, activation of the protection requires the installation of a toolbar that belongs to the respective AntiViren software, which is located on the PC.

At the end...

Anyone looking for suitable anti-virus software should not underestimate the additional features presented. They offer all-round protection and can be individually adapted to the respective user behavior. Basically, there are both free programs and paid programs with premium features. Paid programs are not always a "must". There are also numerous free programs that offer sufficient protection and convince with their many additional functions. Virus software tests and field reports can also help to get a current overview.