Write a product review - this is how Affiliate Marketing works


Referral marketing or affiliate marketing involves recommending products to your website visitors. They should be convinced by the information they get that they choose the right product when they buy it through their link.

Different commission for different products

The task of a good affiliate marketer is to inform the user so comprehensively that he buys the product via the offered link. Without any disadvantage for the user, the affiliate marketer then receives a commission and depending on the product, this can even be quite high.
If you sell goods such as books, DVDs, televisions, etc. you get, depending on the affiliate program, a commission of 5-8%. If you offer digital products instead, the commission can quickly reach 40 - 60%, since the manufacturer has no additional costs and, once created, only has to provide the product for download.

The product review

No matter which type of product you choose, or whether you may even offer both on your website, it is important that you inform your reader comprehensively in a so-called product review.
Because only then he will click on the end of the text on your affiliate link and order the product. A good product review should meet several criteria. Above all, it should be detailed. Take some time to make your product review as detailed as possible. If you have eight hours a day at your place Business can work and write only a really good product review in these eight hours, you do everything right. This is not just the case because this product review will earn you money forever - or at least as long as the product is there.
The more time you spend and the more information you gather, the more likely your reader will be to read the review to the end and click on the link provided. Finally, he wants to be fully informed about the perhaps even high-priced product before making a purchase decision.
The product you are promoting should meet some criteria:

1. The product should cost more than 150 EUR

Of course, if you sell books or DVDs, that will not be the case. But you should be aware that you will receive about 5% per sale (this may of course be more or less, depending on the platform). This will earn you on the sale of a product of 150 EUR 7,50 EUR.

2. The product should have at least 20 ratings

A product is much easier to sell if buyers have already left a rating and this is positive. This will help your opinion about the product.

3. The product should have an average rating of 4 to 5 stars

On Amazon, buyers can leave a review on the product. They do this often and sometimes even in detail. If the buyers' rating is good, it will be much easier to sell the product.

4. information

It is also important that you find a lot of information about the product. These can be found both on the website of the manufacturer as well as on the product pages of large online shops such as Amazon. Of course, Google also helps here. The important thing is to know that you have enough information before you start writing the review.

5. positive reviews

At Amazon are always viewed by other interested parties as particularly helpful reviews directly below the product. Make sure that these reviews are positive. Finally, they have been marked as helpful.

How is a good product review structured?

A good product review casts a spell over the reader. In the best case you tell a little story about the product or your experiences with it. You do not necessarily have to own the product. You can also tell how you obtained information to make your own purchasing decision.
It does not matter what story you choose, it's important that you entertain your reader. That's what differentiates your review from any other.
If you are looking for sober facts, you can go to Amazon or another online shop and find what you are looking for. But who wants to know why he should opt for this and no other product, then comes to you.
You should never lie to your readers and potential customers. Always tell the truth, if you own the product and have tested it yourself, maybe you could try it out with a friend and why you ultimately want to own it yourself. Honesty is trumps. Nothing is worse in private or business life than getting caught in a lie. Ultimately, this destroys the trust that potential customers have built up for you. So you hurt yourself.
Of course, there will not be a story for every product. But maybe you read one that made you smile? Tell it in your own words.

Research the details

Once you have made the entry, it goes to the details. Research well. You have already selected the product because you know that there is a lot of information about it. Read the information carefully and clarify any technical terms additionally. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is very likely that your readers will also have a problem with it. Therefore, go a step further and explain the term. This gives your reader added value.

Astonished customerOffer more

Your product may be a good way to add a table to your product description and contrast different models. So your readers see at a glance whether the product is the right one or they need a different model.
In your product review you can also take up questions that interested parties have asked about the product. For example, questions about customers or prospects are frequently listed under the product, for example on Amazon.
Of course also applies here: Do not write off! Of course, you can also rewrite the information or quote a customer. These questions also add value to your customer.

The abstract

Give a short summary before asking the customer to click on your link. After all your research: Do you recommend the product unconditionally or are there some aspects that you should be aware of as a potential customer? Again, be honest - be honest. Of course, if you have too many negative criteria to mention, the question is whether you can still get your reader to click on your link.

The title

At the very end, you should write the title and metadata of your review. Because the title and a small teaser text are what the reader sees in the search engines before he clicks on your link and lands on your website.
Therefore, try to put yourself in the reader. When would you click? Then probably your reader will also click.


Writing a product review is not difficult but expensive. Of course, here too some exercise is required. But if you have written some reviews, it will be much easier for you to go by the hand. As an affiliate marketer, a good product review is your product that you sell and therefore it should be as good as possible.
As mentioned at the beginning of the text: Take your time and write only one review per day, but in-depth and well-researched - in the interests of your readers.
The more you work as an affiliate marketer for your reader, the more sales you will make. For today and in 20 years, the one who provides the best information to his readers will rank high in the search engines. A well-researched text will help you as well as your readers.


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