Password managers bring order to password chaos

Password Manager concept

To ensure lasting security, you should always use complex and above all regularly changed passwords for e-mail accounts or online access. Many people are overwhelmed, however, to remember the passwords all. On Password manager should solve this problem.

What are password managers doing?

Password managers are used to store and manage various passwords and access data (for example, for e-mail accounts or access to online shops). It is stored in an encrypted database to ensure sufficient security. The databases use different encryption algorithms. A common encryption algorithm is called "twofish". Many password managers work with this algorithm. In addition, a large number of other programs use a similar or the same database format. The database generated by the program is stored on the hard disk of your computer. In order to gain access to the database, a main password, the so-called master password, must be entered. So instead of having to memorize countless passwords, it is sufficient to use a password manager if you remember a single password. After entering the master password, you will gain access to the database with its stored passwords for each user account or user account.

To use the password manager

In order to keep an overview, the entries of the individual user accounts as well as their access data can be arranged according to different categories. For example, it is possible to sort the entries for e-mail accounts, accesses for online banking as well as access for various online shops and to save them in the database. For example, if you would like to log in to a customer account of an online shop, first open the database with the saved passwords using the master password. Now the password stored there is copied from the database and inserted into the corresponding input field in the access of the online shop. In many programs, this process can even be simplified by the corresponding links of the online shop need only be clicked. The corresponding fields for the user name as well as the password of the online access can even be filled in automatically with the necessary data. In order to open access to an online shop or another password-protected application, in the future only the password manager must be opened and the corresponding access selected.

When new passwords are needed

Even if you need new passwords for online access, the password manager can help. With the help of a password generator integrated with many programs, new and above all complex and thus also secure passwords can be generated and stored in seconds. To easily selected and thus insecure passwords are now finally a thing of the past. By the way: There are now also special apps for smartphones or tablets, which allow access to the password-protected databases on the go.

Safe and easy life with the password manager

Often it is not least a matter of convenience, whether sufficiently secure passwords selected and whether they are changed at regular intervals. Often, people tend to use the same (simple and insecure) password for years. Only then, once it has happened and the password has been lost by a corresponding hacker attack, the user notices how difficult and labor-intensive it is to exchange all passwords for online access. Of course, the use of a password manager at the beginning is a bit strange, but relatively quickly into flesh and blood. The data stored in the password manager's database is always kept up to date and stored in encrypted form, regardless of whether it is the password manager on the PC, the Mac computer or even an app on the smartphone or tablet. Incidentally, the databases can only be retrieved and decrypted using devices that were previously authorized to access the database. Encrypted data transmission enables a high standard of security both at home and on the move.