Moving from confixx to Plesk: you have to know that.

Plesk domain overview
Plesk Overview Website & Domains

We'll show you what happens to you when you switch from confixx to Plesk.

Confixx? What's this?

The administration interface Confixx was used by many German web hosting providers at the beginning of the 2000 years as an administration interface. It works well in principle and does what it should. But unfortunately the development 2011 has already been discontinued and updated versions of Apache, php versions or proxy servers are only possible with manipulations of the source code.

There are still providers that set up customers on Confixx servers, but you should not do that in view of the outdated software.
Alternative administration systems are Liveconfig or Plesk. With these two products you can migrate existing Confixx accounts, so that most settings are taken over.

Here we describe the change from Confixx to Plesk. Many things change. Most for the good 🙂

New design after login

At first glance, there are a variety of new buttons for all sorts of functions. By comparison, Confixx only had a summary page of available and used resources.

In the Plesk menu you can then under the menu item Website & Domains see all the created domains and directly below are all the options that you for the respective Domain can change.

In this example, the first entry is a subdomain
You see under the domain name the document root, ie the directory in which the domain is located. "Website under"For example In this case, a separate directory was created for the subdomain. Normally, the main domain would be in the directory / Httpdocs / stored, what the Confixx that / Html / Directory would be.

In an automated change, you usually have to change anything. It changes on the server but the path where the files are located. If your script, or eg .htaccess / .passwd files contain the path, then you have to change it manually. Likewise with Joomla installations in the configurations.php file.

The path here was, for example / Var / www / html / web1 / html / now he is /var/www/vhosts/web1.alterservername/httpdocs/

If you have used WordPress, you will see the installation in WordPress Toolkit, In this example, Plesk indicates that there are WordPress updates for plugins and the theme. The WordPress Toolkit can optimize the security settings of WordPress and keep WordPress up-to-date.

Below you can see the other options that are important to you, such as php settings, Let's Encrypt, e-mail addresses, or on the right the databases, Scheduled jobs (Cronjobs), ISTORE (Spam protection gateway).

What should be considered when switching from Confixx to Plesk?

At Confixx you probably still had php 5.3. Now you can use current php versions as current php 7.3, To be able to use this version you have to do that first Mysql Overwrite password.

Plesk databases
Overview of databases in Plesk

Confixx has stored passwords in a rather insecure format. If you read this one can easily compare it with so-called tables and decode. It is therefore necessary to reset the password.

Quite simply on the right side under Databases.
Here you will see your created databases. Under confixx you could create only one database user, usually with the same name as for the login eg web1. With Plesk, you can create multiple users and also specify which databases the user is allowed to use. Please change the password first. Simply click on User Administration on the right side and then on your user. In this example it is web21.

Plesk database user list
Example: Database user web25

You can now generate the password best and then click on "Allow local connections only". This ensures that only connections can be made by the server itself.
Please change the password in your CMS installation. At wordpress in wp-config.php and at joomla in the configuration.php file.

Plesk database user
Change Plesk database user

When that's done you can also upgrade the php version to the latest version. For compatibility reasons, the php5.3 or 5.4 version is currently selected. You should replace these with the current php 7.3 and update the Content Management System.

E-mail addresses at Plesk

Another important change is the email addresses. If the account has been automatically converted to Plesk, you can still retrieve the emails with your username eg web123p1, but in Plesk the email addresses are defined in the format of the email address itself as a mailbox. You can change this manually. This simplifies the use on your devices, if the user name is the same as the email address, then you do not need to remember the mailboxes.
Click once in the main menu under website & domains on the menu item E-mail addresses.

Plesk email addresses
Plesk email addresses

Here you see, for example, [email protected] and behind it an alias [email protected] This alias was previously the forwarding of the email address to the mailbox web25p1. The mailbox name is therefore still web25p1 and emails to [email protected] will be directed to this mailbox.

If you prefer to have [email protected] as a mailbox name you can rename the mailbox. To do this, you must first remove the alias and then rename the mailbox.

Rename Plesk email address
Rename Plesk email address

On the occasion you can also do that once Change password, It is recommended to change the password regularly, at least once a quarter.
Now you can enter [email protected] as username in the email program. Here's how it works here, for example: Email setup for Thunderbird with encryption.

Please set your email program so that the connection to the mail server is still encrypted. Everything else should not be used for security reasons. SMTP Server Port: 465, IMAP Server Port 993. At pop3 995.

What is additional?

eMail spam protection gateway

On the right side you can see the menu item ISTORE. This is a spam protection gateway for incoming and outgoing e-mails in connection with the Spamexperts solution. Here you can check your rejected emails and whitelist important recipients. The system combines various anti-spam solutions and ensures that virtually no spam gets through. Outgoing mails are also checked and in the event of a spam shipment by a hacked account, shipping is immediately stopped. Thus, there is no blacklisting and the mails are preferably sorted in the large eMaieniensten, because every day hundreds of thousands of good e-mails are sent through the gateway.
Also DKIM and DMARC are now available for you with only a small entry in the gateway and a few settings in the DNS. Currently you have the best email solution available. How to set it up can be seen in our article: Create DKIM and DMARC entry in the spam protection gateway.

Malware scan and elimination

The Malware scanner Check your files several times a week for malware and then fix them directly. You will then be informed with an email and then you can update your system.

If this is too difficult you can also use the menu item "Malware cleanup"Book a professional service that scans your site daily for malware and completely cleans up including database hacks and updates to the content management system. Once the page has been hacked you should clean it up as soon as possible, otherwise you will no longer be well listed on google.

Homepage Building Kit

On the servers 3 kits of different manufacturers are available. Free and without extra charge. Once the Web Presence Builder, SitePad Website Builder and Site.Pro Builder, With it you can create professional websites with a few clicks.

Web Application Firewall

Your website will be powered by a web application firewall protected with current rules. In addition to our upstream firewall to the Internet, this will prevent current attacks on your websites. You can also deactivate individual rules if there are problems with some themes in the WordPress gives.

Practical is also the password protection. You no longer need to create .htaccess / passwd files. Here you can easily protect directories with a password.
TLS certificates

Free certificates for all domains and subdomains you can easily create under the menu item Let's Encrypt. No more costs for certificates and with the same technical protection as fee-based certificates.

Access to log files

Under the menu item "logs" you can easily find out what it is in case of problems. You have access to the access and error logs of your websites.
If you create new domains you should make sure that you create a separate directory for the domains parallel to the httpdocs directory. Not within the httpdocs directory, but in order to keep the sites separate.
If you use WordPress it is recommended in the WordPress Toolkit the automatic ones Updates to turn.

Have fun with Plesk and many new features and technical possibilities.


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