A good Homepage and of course good lyrics, are usually the key to success. Of course not quite, because a good website does not increase your sales. However, with a good search engine ranking (Google and Co), you can ensure that you achieve a much higher and therefore better reputation. If you still offer good products or services, you've actually already done everything right.

Keywords - a good ranking on the search engines

The term SEO (Search Engine optimization) you must have come across or even familiar. Actually, this is nothing more than an improvement of the Internet presence with very specific and targeted measures. If you still do not know what exactly is behind it, the next example will make you more understandable.

Many are doing their shopping or searching for specific services and products over the Internet today. The search engines are used for this. In these special keywords (keywords) are entered. Google and Co then check the numerous pages on the Internet for exactly these terms. Depending on the page and its ratings, these will be listed on Google. The aim of the companies is, of course, that their homepage is displayed on the first page. This succeeds (at least to a certain extent) with the placement of keywords in the respective texts.

How do you find the right keywords?

When you sell cars, it does not make sense to include the word "car" in your texts all the time. The texts are illegible and, moreover, this process usually does not lead to being immediately displayed first in the search engines. For that to be the case, in any case much patience is necessary. There are now very good tools that provide a list of important and good keywords.

You have the opportunity to search for such tools or hire an experienced and competent company. Such companies are currently very popular because the Internet market is booming. If your goal is to succeed in the longer term, SEO is the measure of all things. However, you can also research the most important keywords yourself. For this we recommend the following pages:

- Google Keyword Planner
- Soovle

Of course, there are many other very good tools for researching good keywords.


The days when customers have bought directly in the shop around the corner are long gone. Today you can buy everything you need already in an online shop. Of course, the companies have already recognized this trend and increasingly rely on the Internet and its possibilities. However, to be found on the Internet requires a well thought out strategy. The magic word is definitely SEO and the associated keywords. With these you can achieve a much better ranking on the various search engines. Of course, how you place these is another thing. What is certain, however, is that keywords play a very important and essential role today.

If you are not well versed in this matter, you will surely find numerous professionals and experts in the field. Increase your awareness with the targeted placement of keywords in your texts and also use the other tools for a better ranking on the Internet.