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In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that our inner cities are becoming deserted. It was recently a leisure activity to make a stroll through the city and take a look in the shop window, you can see today in these often only the sign "closed". More and more shops are closing their doors in inner cities and leaving.
In the meantime, they can either be found in the large shopping centers that do not support sales in the city centers, or on the Internet.

Because the online trade is still booming. After all, shops here have the opportunity to present and sell 24 hours and seven days a week, without additional staff. The advertising on the Internet is cheaper than print, radio or television advertising. So, companies can advertise here with Google Adwords and Facebook Traffic worry and sell their products.

Trust in online shops is growing

Whereas a few years ago it was unthinkable to make purchases online, today holidays are largely booked online - if only because you can save a lot of money here.
In addition, online shops invest a lot of effort in customer service and customer loyalty. Meanwhile, the shops can be reached by phone or email without much effort. A few years ago, the operators of online shops were rather unapproachable and you were lucky if you got an answer to an email request.
Today, the operators of online shops take their business on the Internet much more seriously. Not only did they invest in quality labels like "Trusted Shops", they also issue a newsletter to inform their customers about new products, offers or general information about their business on a regular basis. This creates confidence, buyers are much more inclined to spend their money in such an online shop.
In addition, the payment processes and payment options have become much more flexible and the customer is protected if he should ever get to a black sheep.

Traders like Amazon are of course the front runners here and have shown us how to drive online trading further. Amazon is known for not only offering the lowest prices there, but also solving every customer problem quickly, easily and in a friendly manner. For this reason alone, and of course the low prices, customers are inclined to buy there.

In addition, online shops are increasingly tending to compensate for the lack of feel with good, detailed photos and even product videos. In addition, good product descriptions not only ensure better findability in the search engines but also inform the customer well and help him make a purchasing decision.

Inner cities as adventure area

Now that the online trade has been upgraded and more and more retailers are realizing that they should at least build up an additional foothold on the Internet, the question arises as to how the shops in the pedestrian zones can become more attractive.
Here, too, big chains like Lidl show us how to do it again - shopping has to become an experience so that it can stand next to trading on the internet.
Lidl converts its branches and integrates - coffee machines. This allows customers to strengthen their shopping and drink coffee before entering the store. Other shops provide seating because the purchase is also the sociability, as you often acquaintances or joys. This is how shopping becomes an experience that you no longer want to exchange for shopping on the internet.
Another example is a bookstore that has been integrating a cafe and a bookmarker into their business for years. So you can before the purchase of the product, in this case the book, in detail test, review and just "read". Although this is also possible in the Internet and often the customer is allowed to look into the book but a coffee while reading is comfortable and the selection just as in the Internet huge.

Some cities have already recognized this trend and offer not only a far-reaching shopping experience in shops but also different events throughout the year. Here, the wine shops attract with a delicious glass of wine in convivial round and food trucks with exceptional delicacies.
A wide range of offers also ensures that customers return to the cities.


Retailers can compete with online retailers, but they must be willing to break new ground. Only then is it possible for the shops to exist in shopping centers and even in pedestrian areas.
Retailers with a bit of imagination can still lure their customers into the shops today.
The riddle's solution here is:
Give your customers an experience they can not have on the internet. In this way, the retail can very well also exist in addition to the online trade or be an addition to the purchase on the Internet.


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