5 tips on how to get more newsletter subscribers


Newsletter subscribers are the key to success. Making money on the Internet with your own website only works if you could win prospects who want to hear from you again and again.
A well-known saying is: The money is in the list! And that's not without reason popular and well known.

A newsletter should not be underestimated

The newsletter is often ignored by many small and medium-sized businesses. These entrepreneurs prefer to take care of the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and co, but neglect the structure of their own newsletter list. This is essential. After all, the fans on Facebook and Co. are not one. When Facebook decides to close its own account, the contacts it has made are also lost. Of course, this does not happen for no reason and of course Facebook does not randomly close accounts. But still it can happen. By contrast, if you've got sign-up for your newsletter, those emails are one of them. The customer has given the company permission to contact him again.
Nevertheless, it has been proven that only the combination of intensive participation in social networks combined with the development of newsletter compilers brings the desired success.

subscription-paymentThe probability of selling a product is significantly higher with the sending of a newsletter than "only" with the activity in social networks. On Facebook and Co. you have to compete with many other companies. If you send a newsletter, this is an e-mail that stands alone and provides very specific information about your product or company.

With these 5 tips you will quickly win more newsletters.

1. A landing page is important

An appealing and meaningful landing page is still the best guarantee to get visitors to stay on their own website. It should tell the visitor in a few words what he gets or what he has when he signs up for your newsletter. Whatever you offer your new potential customer, it should fit your target audience and fulfill a need. A good tactic is to give the new scribe a small gift. These can be discounts, an e-book or an interesting coupon.

2. Be the friend next door

A newsletter should always be provided with a personal address. This will increase the customer's attention. The likelihood that the newsletter will be opened and re-read also increases.
You can always meet your customer better personally. Someone who shows his customer that he is interested in him will rather sell than someone who is only interested in selling.

newsletter-key3. Captivate the customer

The content of your newsletter should be short, interesting and appealing. Only then can it be taken up by the reader. As a rule, newsletters are only briefly flown over and not completely read. Finally, we are bombarded daily with advertising.
Therefore: Inform the user in concise, interesting sentences about your latest products or services. Always remember, the reader's attention span is very short. Provide further information via a further link and lead your potential customer to your landing page.

4. Bring the customer to click

Lead your readers to call-to-action. Easily recognizable text links lead him to the buttons: "Buy now!" Or "Learn more". The fewer distractions you see in the newsletter, the more the customer focuses on the content. With images and graphics that are closely related to the goal, you can set clear goals.

5. Try out shipping times

Be sure to make a note of when you sent your newsletter. So you can find out when the newsletter is opened and read and which day of the week and what time is the best to send the newsletter.
In addition, you should check the success of your newsletter after each shipment. From this new strategies can be derived. CTR, opening rate, and conversation and logout rates are the key metrics.

In order to complete the newsletter correctly, you must not forget the imprint information. That still signals a certain seriousness. If there is no imprint, the newsletter is quickly considered as spam.


Especially at the beginning of a newsletter is more "Trial and Error". You have to slowly approach your target group and your wishes. Therefore, it is always a good idea to always change one component (never more than one, otherwise you can not check the success!). Change the day, the time, the design, the number of links, and see exactly when the newsletter is opened the most. With your newsletter provider, you can also see when and, most importantly, which link was clicked. In this way, you can always tailor the newsletter to your target group.


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