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Plesk end user can get admin rights

We just received the message that all versions of Plesk since version 12.x through 17.x contain a vulnerability that allows the end user to download files ...


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1 click installation

one click installation

What is a one click installation ? If you do not yet have a website and are looking for a way to create an attractive website at low cost and yourself ...
Wordpress Content

What content is the right content for the website?

Content is the be-all and end-all of any website. Quality content is still one of the most important keys for many visitors and for ...
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What is a Content Management System?

Corporate identity business.

How can I protect my corporate identity?

Webhosting security

In our security area you will find useful tips for your webspace, We show you the possibilities you can use to secure the website and what you have to pay attention to so that your website is not hacked.


Computer & Internet

Google Adsense Error: Valuable inventory

Have you ever bought a website or did you want to move it and monetize advertising with Google Adsense? Then there is ...

Start a successful audio podcast

education online

Who should create an online course?

Digital product

Everyone can create a digital product

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1 & 1 all-net flat rate with cheap AirPods as a bonus

You wanted to change your mobile operator anyway and are you a fan of Apple hardware? Then maybe the all-net flat rate from 1 & 1 is an option for you ...

Lexicon tip


Traffic in computers in the broadest sense means the transmission of data within the computer system. Also called the visitor traffic on a specific page ...


facebook groups

Use Facebook groups for website marketing - but right

Every entrepreneur is looking for effective but cost-effective advertising. Because advertising for your own business often costs either a lot of time or ...
content marketing

Lead generation through content marketing

SEO pays off



Retargeting in Facebook Marketing



0 Freemail, app and important facts is one of the pioneers in the field of email addresses. When the German Internet portal was founded in 1995, the ...

mxtoolbox - The tool for webmasters


Plesk domain overview

Moving from confixx to Plesk: you have to know that.

We'll show you what happens to you when you switch from confixx to Plesk. Confixx? What is...
plesk php error

Repair Plesk php Service - Service Temporarily Unavailable

If you run multiple domains with different php versions on a Plesk server, there are occasionally problems caused by ...

Plesk end user can get admin rights

We just received the message that all versions of Plesk since version 12.x through 17.x contain a vulnerability that allows the end user to download files ...
Wordpress broken

WordPress backend design error (layout shot)

Today we are fixing a problem that can occur after updating Wordpress or themes. The unusable Wordpress installation. Maybe someone has seen it before. After this...
Checking entries for DKIM, SPF, DMARC

Create DKIM and DMARC entry with spam protection gateway

Finally live without spam. This is basically only with a professional protection system that analyzes the mails and uses all the available options to ...

Update Mariadb 5.5 on 10.2 with Plesk

On many web servers running Plesk, Centos runs in the 7 version, which is a free version of the professional RedHat 7 operating system. In Germany ...

How to get 100 / 100 points on Google Pagespeed for your WordPress website

Google Pagespeed Insights is the well-known website tool that lets you review and optimize all parameters relevant to the search engine. You can top ...

vmware - virtual hard disk is not included in the backup

VMWARE - Datastore - Backup with Veeam or other programs - Snapshot problem: With a scheduled backup of the virtual machine, e.g. with Veeam, the ...


Encrypt WordPress website with free SSL certificate

Wordpress users want security for the transmission of their data when they share their private and very personal data, such as account data or login data. And also...

Achieve better readability with Yoast Seo - the instructions!

wordpress blog
Whether blog, website or online shop, a good legibility makes not only the readers happy, even for search engines, the readability of online texts is interesting. Google ...

A popular plugin for search engine optimization

wordpress coffee cup
Yoast SEO has the ability to optimize the search engine. This plugin can be used by you and your team. Your team can ...



How to sell a domain?


What are Expired Domains?

Where can I sell a domain?

Server & virtual machines

flex-optics unboxing

Flexoptix Universal Transceiver

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vmware editions


Creating a Ramdisk on Linux

error 503 server error

HTTP status codes - what do they mean?